Garmin Forerunner 305

My loving husband bought me a new Garmin 305 yesterday. I’ve been running with my faithful Garmin Forerunner 205 for over two years now and in the last couple of months the battery life has gotten shorter and shorter – shutting off completely at about 6 hours. Many runners wouldn’t consider than an issue, but when running ultra marathons (especially in the mountains), having a GPS that can go the distance (and help you find your way back when you get lost) is important.

I’d also had my eye on the heart rate monitor feature for the last year, so he hooked me up with the new 305 (with a fresh 10 hour battery life) and the HR monitor yesterday! Yay!

I took it for a little spin today, making sure I had all the data screens set just so before my 50k mountain race tomorrow. I had some trouble figuring out how to get the monitor to work initially and had to come back to the house after 1.6 miles and read the manual again, but after some tinkering, everything was working smoothly. It was fun seeing my heart rate as I increased the pace or slowed it down. I think this will be a fun tool to use in the new year to help me accomplish my training goals. A couple of my running pals swear by the heart rate training, so I’m sure I’ll be asking them for lots of advice as I get started.

Very cold today. Even with my new Nike fleece gloves, my fingers were frozen within half a mile. I’m very nervous about tomorrow’s race since it’s likely to take about 9 hours. It’s supposed to be about 11 degrees with the windchill factored in at the start. Yikes!!!!! I’m bringing hand and feet warmers and I even bought a travel thermos that fits right into my waist pack so I can have hot liquid on me the first half. My husband and kids are planning to wait at the half point and Wayne (Mr Amazing) is setting up the camp stove and heating up broth and hot water for cocoa for all of the runners to warm us back up (I love that man!!! How did I get so lucky?!) Due to the extreme temperatures, I’m also ok with calling it a day at the half point if it that seems wise. Several of my pals have expressed the same. Hopefully, it will be fine, though and I can record a nice 30+ mile run on the new Garmin. That would be an awesome way to initiate the new watch and the New Year!

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