2011 Harvest Classic 2 Miler

Well, it wasn’t my best 2 miler by any stretch – but, hey, I haven’t done hardly any speed training in the last year with my focus on the ultra distance and I’ve been injured the past 6 weeks – so……. my expectations going in were just to try and come in around 16 min. I did that! Man, it HURT!!! I felt so out of shape trying to push the pace! I wore the Sketchers (hehe) and they probably helped a bit. I had a BLAST at the event!!!! My 5 kids were signed up, but my oldest was still sooooo sick feeling that she laid on the grass, wearing her pink robe over her racing clothes while the other kids raced (bless her heart!!) The kids all had fun and my oldest won one of the kids’ gift baskets at the raffle (a totally sweet prize – a huge Nike sports bag (that she gave to ME – woo hoo) full of tons of stuff: basketball, football, playground ball, double dutch jump ropes, gatorade, TONS of snacks and fun stuff. She’s so sweet. She shared with all the kids when we got home!!!! 🙂 It was nice to see her smile after being so sick the past couple of days.

And….I won a prize too!!!!! YEAH BABY!!! I won the a gift basket with a g. cerf for new shoes (Totally will replace the Sketchers – heehee), a couple restaurant cards, a day of paintball fun for me and 4 of my favorite friends (hahahaha), a round of golf, and a hardware store g.c. (my husband wants pretty much ALL the stuff I won!) I will share!!! 🙂

Before the event, they had these aerobic teacher gals on stage doing all these fun warm up dances! I am so uncoordinated I think I stepped on a few people’s toes and sashayed my hips right into the side of some nice old lady! OOPS! Nobody ever accused me of being coordinated! It was FUN, though!!! Yummy baked potato bar, pizza, TCBY yogurt, chocolate milk at the finish party, music and bounce houses for the kids! One of the best events I attend each year! Love it!!!!!

Best part was sharing the day with my awesome family, so many of my SUPER COOL FRIENDS!!!! And my MOM Sherri C. was there too!!!! Hi Mom!!! Great job!!

OH yeah… I got 1st in age group. 🙂 That was nice.

2 miles – 15:45 total time. Pace: 7:50 min/mi/ Ave HR: 179 Max HR: 205 Max Speed: 5:09

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