2009 Cherry Festival 10k

I did my first 10K!!!  I did it!!!!! My Mom and my training buddy D (who is super fast) were both there too! It was great. There was one killer hill (according to my Garmin it was a 14% grade ) that slowed everyone down. I swear nearly every runner ahead of me had to walk part of it! I managed not to walk at all in the race except for the couple of steps it took to drink my water at the two stops. I only took a sip at each and then it was back to running! My time was 1 hour 2 minutes!!! For ME — that was SO good!

I ended up coming in 4 minutes behind the girl who took 3rd place in my division (note to self – beat her next year – LOL) My age division turned out to be 30 – 39 which meant my fast buddy was in it too — she got 2nd place with a time of 53 minutes (I told you she’s fast!) My Mom got 2nd place in her division too (50 – 59). She’s not sure of her time, but I think it was around 1 hour 14 min or so.

I’m so proud of myself! I followed my training plan so well and really paced myself in the race. I did NOT go out too fast at all – and psychologically that felt doggone good to pass so many people. The last two miles I felt great and was running in the 9’s! It was AWESOME!!

One lady in particular became my rival. She had orange shorts and I used her to pace me (in addition to the Garmin.) I just held back and ran just behind her for the last two miles until I knew we had 2 tenths to go — then I took off – and beat her in!  That felt great!!!

My hips are a bit sore so I’ll just walk the next few days to rest them again.  It was worth it!

Afterwards, Wayne, the kids and my parents went to the carnival that was also going on, rode rides, ate cotton candy and – my family (all 7 of us) ate an entire cherry pie right there!! ha ha ha!!! It was so much fun!!!

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