Went Out For Two and….

Was having so much fun I went 5. ¬†ūüôā The ankle’s still pretty sore, so I actually walked the first 1/2 mile to warm it up, then gently increased my pace until it felt fine again. ¬†Ran along the canal path near my home, taking in the rows of ¬†arching weeping willow trees that bend towards the water and softly touch the surface, through the golf course where a remote control air plane vrrrrrrrrrrrred over my head as I ran, through a gaggle of at least 30 geese who went honking and squawking away as I came near, up Nemesis and down again and then ¬†past the cornfields, pastures of horses and back home again.

The splits look progressive, though I had no idea what they were like as I was running with just the heart rate details showing.

Mile 1: 13:35

Mile 2: 11:03

Mile 3: 10:29

Mile 4: 9:58

Mile 5: 8:52

Final Kick best pace: 4:21 ¬†ūüôā Yeahh babbyyy!!!

Finished with Billy Blanks 35 min DVD for Ab Bootcamp – felt the burn!


All Hot and Bothered

Good news! All this hard work is starting to pay off! I saw 129 on the scale today! Just 4 more lbs to go in the next 11 weeks and I’ll be at my racing weight again!

I took a rest day yesterday and caught up on the yard work and scanned a zillion photos from my school days for my 20 year class reunion this weekend. It was a day well spent.

I’m back on the horse today and decided to do my Billy Blanks AB Bootcamp DVD. I’m starting to see definition in the mirror especially along the obliques. It’s crazy! Even at my thinnest in college, I never had any definition there. I certainly wouldn’t have thought I could find it after having five kids- but slowly and surely the hard work is paying off! Sweet!

I sweated hard, felt the burn and took to heart when Billy said, “You have to lose yourself to find what you’re looking for” or something similar to that. ¬†So, when it hurts, I let it and try not to back off. ¬†Working on my mind this way really reminds me of going through natural childbirth five times. ¬†The first time I was scared to death and even though I’d read all the books and practiced the breathing techniques, the pain was frightening, overwhelming and I struggled to keep my calm through the storm. ¬†That was the only birth I cried at from the pain. 16 hours later, I saw the beautiful fruit of my labor and realized that each and every contraction had brought me to that point – the happy ending.

With each subsequent birth, my confidence in my body and my mind grew. ¬†The labors got easier since I no longer fought the pain, but learned to allow it to wash over me like a waterfall. I knew the agony was my ally. It was helping me to reach my goal – a beautiful new baby. ¬†By the time I had my fifth baby, I didn’t even need my husband to hold my hand or rub my back. ¬†I just walked quietly or laid still relaxing into the waves of pain, melting like butter in a hot frying pan and letting the tension just go, despite the gripping pains. ¬†That labor was barely 2 hours long and when I held my 9 lb 10 oz baby girl in my arms I felt that I’d achieved a new level of inner peace and calm no matter what is going on around me.

When I run long distances or really fast short distances, I think back to those labors. They hurt more than any other pain I’d ever experienced in my life, but I got through it and remembering that helps me to tap into the same mindset for running.

We can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Learn to “lose yourself” to find what you seek in your workouts. ¬†The payoff really is worth it!


Yoga for the Kid in all of Us – With 3 of my kids

I love yoga. ¬†Many years ago I found a DVD called Yogamazing: Yoga for the Kid in All of Us at the library. It’s this one hour workout tape designed for a parent to do with their child. ¬†About half of the poses are done as “partners” – like tree pose, where you also hold hands and “sway” in the wind or child’s pose, where the parent does the regular pose and the child leans onto the parent from behind and gives a nice, sweet hug. ¬†Chaz, the yoga dude who leads the workout appeals to the kids. He speaks right to them and adds these silly little “skits” here and there to make them laugh and to help them learn. ¬†My children have all enjoyed doing this workout many times with me over the years.

The Elementary Teacher in me just adores the way that the instructor takes moves like the Cat/Cow and has the kids (and parents) meow and moooo while they do the pose.  There are always lots of giggles from the children when we do that.

Today, I started it with my 4 year old daughter. She and I were partners and enjoying the stretches and laughs and hand-holding that come with this particular workout. My 6 year old daughter saw all the fun we were having and soon I was holding two hands and modifying the moves so no one got left out (I’ve had lots of practice with that over the years!) ¬†About halfway through, my 10 year old son (who’s honestly done this with me more than all of the other kids) showed up and joined in too. ¬†He and I partnered up and Anneliese and Savannah partnered up. ¬†It was fun.

My favorite move of all is the final one – the resting pose. ¬†The parent lays down, faceup on the yoga mat, closing their eyes and resting to the little song that Chaz plays on the guitar and sings about “Sleepy Town” and the kids each lay their heads on me, hold my hand or snuggle. ¬†It’s a beautiful moment and a happy way to start my day, so bonded with my babies.

Stats: 1 hour. Yoga. Felt: Happy and Content


Jane Fonda on Steroids!

Holy Guacamole! I tried the Billy Blanks Bootcamp DVD today and it kicked my booty bigtime! My arms are wobbly noodles, my abs are crying out for mercy and my legs are shaking in their shoes. That was a KILLER workout!  My five kids took turns joining me for various parts of the workout, which was fun.  They especially liked the boxing sections and the parts where we used the rubber bands.  OUCH!

One thing I have to say, though is though ole Billy is ripped like a prize fighter, the man is as flexible as a prima ballerina! I wish I could do the splits like that!!!! Sheesh!!!

Stats: 55 min. Full body workout. Felt: Like a WEENIE! Hopefully That will change as I get stronger!


Videos of my 50 mile finish that my husband took

Yay! I finally got my husband to upload his videos from his camera to youtube so I could share them with you here. ¬†ūüôā

The first one is of Ryan and I coming into the final stretch of my 50 miler.

The second one is Wayne interviewing Ryan and I after our run. It’s my favorite – pretty funny!

The last one is Ryan and I getting into the Boise River to celebrate! The water was mostly snow melt and ICE COLD!!! Totally awesome!