Taking What I Can Get Today

I was hoping to squeeze in a run today and my bootcamp DVD.  My daughter has her buddies over for a sleepover, so I’m having to be creative and not leave the house. So… I decided to actually pay some attention to that shiny, nice treadmill in my bedroom I begged my husband to buy me months ago.  You know what… it has some pretty cool features! Guess I should hang out with it more!

I decided to take it easy since my ankle is still swollen and purple. It really doesn’t hurt, though and I’m not limping on it at all.  So, I went for the 20 min, hill workout walk, which starts at 3 mph and increases the incline from 2 percent to 10 percent, then holds it and gradually comes back down at the end.  I actually got some sweat out of the deal! Nice! 1.05 miles.

Hoping that when the kids are doing playing Wii and watching Tangled I can sneak in my Bootcamp workout later tonight. 🙂 Stay tuned!


150 Miles for May

I jogged 2 miles on the treadmill last night while watching tv.  The goal? To get 150 total miles for May.  🙂 I just could not go to bed knowing I was that close to such a nice number. Woo hoo!


And the Bonding Continues…..

I ran on the treadmill again this morning while watching A Baby Story. It really is so convenient and I’m hoping to start growing my weekly overall miles by using the trails, the road AND the treadmill. I really liked seeing that 50 miles in my log this past week and I’d like to see more of the same in the future. 🙂

Stats: 3.25 miles. Felt: Good. Wore: Brooks Ghost 3’s (I’m really happy with these new shoes!)


Bonding With The Treadmill

My husband bought me a treadmill about a month ago. I’ve used it only a couple of times. When my buddy, Randy, e-mailed me tonight to brag that he’d pulled ahead of me in weekly miles by one, itty, bitty mile, I knew the battle was on! I’d intended to go running this morning, but my husband lured me back into bed for more snuggle time while the kids slept in. We spent the afternoon driving the marathon course and taking springtime photos for the web site. By this evening, I was starting to think Randy was going to win the battle for the most miles for sure.

Then, I saw the treadmill. Even though it was dark out and getting late — it wasn’t over yet! I pulled on my running clothes and my new Brooks Ghost 3’s (which I love, by the way), filled my water bottle and grabbed the remote. I had my husband put the treadmill in our bedroom facing a window (which is nice when it’s daylight out), but also facing our television, which came in pretty handy tonight. I turned on the fans to high (a feature I am so happy to have when I’m hot and sweaty), surfed until I found TLC and relaxed into watching the latest episode of Sister Wives as I ran.

I slowly ran through the full Halloween episode, where the family buys and carves 24 pumpkins! 24 PUMPKINS?! And, Wayne and I thought it was a big deal to carve five this year. After that, this odd show about addictions came on and I watched in amazement as a woman admitted to eating – yes – eating 150 squares of toilet paper a day. Ugh! And, I thought my chocolate addiction was bad! I will never look at my Charmin the same way again (and no, I don’t plan on taking a taste test the next time I’m in the bathroom!)

You know, I’ve had some reservations about my treadmill. It’s really nice. It has all the features I wanted and many I don’t even need or know how to use — but since I’ve become such an avid outdoor runner in rain, snow, heat or cold, I wasn’t really sure how to convince myself that running on a treadmill could fit into my world. I think tonight was kind of a breakthrough for me. I liked it. Yeah, I said it. I liked it! I’m still much slower on the treadmill than when I run outside, but I think that’s normal as I get used to the strange feeling of the belt moving under my feet. I don’t watch a lot of tv, so this might be kind of fun, actually. Now, I’ll be able to jump into the conversation when other gals start chit-chatting about Cody’s weird hair on Sister Wives. Ha ha!

Stats: 6 miles! That makes the total for the week -50!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo for fifty!!!!! And, unless Randy sneaked in another workout since his last e-mail I think I’m this week’s victor. Bwhahaha