Wii Fit Plus – Yoga and Strength Training

I love my Wii Fit Plus! Every single time I start doing the Yoga with the female trainer, I feel my entire body start to slip into a state of bliss. Her soothing voice, the calming music and the stretching of my body, the focus on my posture all just put me into a calming, serene place. I love it and I can always tell that my body overall feels so much better after doing some yoga. 20 min of yoga today. Was surprised how flexible I’m feeling this time. I could touch my toes easily and that wasn’t the case a few months ago when I did this. Nice! I especially enjoyed dancer pose, half moon, tree, triangle, warrior, sun salutations, downward dog and the cobra and bridge today.

Next I did 20 min of strength work on Wii Fit Plus. Lots of single leg work working the core and balance, jackknives, push ups and side planks.

After that I did 10 min of advanced boxing (which honestly I am awful at since it requires so many memorized steps and I have a dreadful memory! I really do wish the boxing was a little more constant and had less of the silly side-to-side ducking moves. I crave more constant, heart-pumping like the final bit where it’s a free for all and I can just punch to my heart’s content. THAT part I love! I should get a DVD on boxing! I’d probably really enjoy it!

I did 10 min of Super Hula Hoop after that and THAT is where I got the best workout of all today! I always think of the Karate Kid movie when I’m doing the Hula hoop (wax on, wax off!) When I’m doing the first 5 minutes twirling those 4-5 hoops to the right I feel like my bum is “waxing on” and it really burns the abs and I can feel my hips loosening up. It’s awesome! Then it switches and you twirl the 4-5 hoops the other direction. That’s when I picture my bum “waxing off!” 🙂 It feels a little bit like dancing the Samba -lots of hip action and that feels really fun and is so beneficial to a runner – since we runner types tend to have type hip flexors that need loosening up! My hair was plastered against my face and my heart was beating by the time the 10 min were up! I scored my TOP score ever on the game today! Yay!

I finished up with a downward dog, a sun salutation and finally one turn on the Penguin Slide – my favorite little “fun” game that works the core and balance areas. My Wii piggy bank then turned GOLD and told me I’d spent a total of 40 hours using it since I first bought it! Sweetness!


If Rocky and Lucille Ball Had a Child

And the child had none of Rocky’s talent but all of Lucy’s enthusiasm – I’m convinced I’d be that child.  Today’s workout was with my Wii Fit Plus.  I did the rhythm (or in my case LACK of rhythm boxing), yoga, arm strength moves and super hula hoops to loosen up the hips. It’s always great to get a sweat on from a video game. 🙂

Stats: 36 min. Felt: Good