Finding My Voice Again


It’s been nearly two months since I last shared anything here in my blog. I ran the Boston Marathon on April 21st and it truly was everything I had hoped it would be and more as a dream come true.  I have some wonderful photos and memories to share with you all in the entry I will do soon.  My family has had some wonderful adventures the last two months as well. We took a road trip from Boise to Chicago to see family (a road trip we hadn’t done in 13 years so it was so long overdue!)  It was an amazing time as a family, we enjoyed a cousin’s wedding, got to visit with Wayne’s grandparents and really spend some quality time with his parents and siblings (and their families) as well. It was wonderful! We stopped at Mt Rushmore and the Badlands on the drive home, which will truly be a family highlight memory for the rest of our lives as well!

The kids really loved the Badlands in South Dakota!

The kids really loved the Badlands in South Dakota!

Our race company, Final Kick Events, put on Lake Lowell Marathon for the 4th time the week before I ran Boston, then we directed Bruneau Beast (our sand dunes race) in early May – the day before we left for Chicago.  Wayne and I’ve been working hard on setting up a couple new races for our summer and fall line up as well – The Tutu Run (which happens July 4th) and the one I’m most excited to launch – The Bogus Marathon – which starts at a local ski resort called Bogus Basin and has a downhill drop of around 4,600 feet making it an incredibly fast course  – sure to help many achieve their BQ and PR dreams here in Boise!

With so much going on, I found myself running less and less, until I’d slowly gotten used to staying up late watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother and enjoying ungodly amounts of coffee and dark chocolate.  I put on about 10 lbs in the last couple of months and I have felt some of my fitness slipping away.  Thankfully, a friend of mine stopped me this week and let me know he was worried about me.  He said since he hadn’t seen me running on the trails as much or signed up for any of the local races, he was concerned that I was suffering from a little ‘Post-Boston Depression.’  It hadn’t occurred to me, but maybe he was right.  Working for so many years to achieve one really big goal really put the fire in me. I worked so hard and finally got to realize my dream and live it out – and everything went as smoothly as possible.  It was perfect.  Maybe there’s a little of a let-down once you reach a high like that and I guess I’m just now starting to deal with it.

The best way to deal with it of course is to lace up the shoes and start really seriously running again. I’ve started logging back into MyFitnessPal to keep track of my calories and exercise and I’ve started forcing myself to shut off the tv earlier at night so I can get up early and do something active again too.  Yesterday I was up by 4 am so I could go running with friends. This morning I was up again before the sun to head out to hot yoga. I even met a couple friends at lunch for a short run.  And I have plans this Saturday to do a long run with a pal.  I have to say that surrounding myself with motivational, fun friends truly helps! I can’t say no, it seems when they ask me to join in for something active and I’m never disappointed when I go. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the conversations, the feeling of the wind in my hair and on my face and the sounds of the grasses rustling in the foothills as I run the trails. I’d missed it all so much! Little-by-little I’m going to regain my fitness and set some new goals and get back into the groove.

I just need to figure out what I really want. There are lots of possibilities — aiming for a PR and another BQ at my Bogus Course is high on the list for instance or running Javelina Jundred on my birthday as my next 100 miler would be cool.  I’ll need to figure it out. But, while I do, know that I appreciate all of your good vibes or positive words of encouragement as I get going again and figure out what the next chapter is in my story.  Here goes nothing…. (or the start of everything!) 🙂

My heart will always belong to Boston, but maybe it’s time for me to dream a new dream…

Boston heart

Happy Running,