The B.A.A. Has Assigned Boston Bibs and Corral/Wave Info!

Boston 2014

This has been a pretty busy week. My husband and I are directing the Shamrock Shuffle St. Patrick’s Day run at Ste. Chapelle Winery this Saturday, so we’ve been busy running around getting things ready for our 600+ runners! While I was out today, my friend, Ryan texted me to let me know that the Boston Athletic Association had announced on their Facebook page that the waves/corral assignments and bib numbers had been determined!  How exciting!

I found out my bib # is 20525. I’m in wave 3 and corral 3.  Normally there are 3 waves of runners, divided into several corrals (9 corrals each this year).  There are approximately 9,000 in each wave.  They are arranged from fastest (wave 1) to slowest (usually wave 3, though this year with the increased number of runners there are 4 waves.) The corrals within those waves are also divided by the times the runners qualified in. It’s a very organized system to allow so many racers to actually begin the race in a timely way.



The first group begins at 10 am and then the other corrals get released about every 3 minutes until everyone is running. My corral (wave 3, corral 3) will be starting sometime after 11 am. I’d imagine close to 11:09 or so. The fastest runners literally will be half done by the time I cross the start line! Isn’t that a funny thought?! Even crazier is that they were expecting about 36,000 total runners (including charity racers) in the field, so once I begin, there may be nearly another 16,000 more to follow! I wonder how long the whole thing takes? It blows my mind as a race director who’s never put on an event with over 1,300 races to even think imagine orchestrating it all!  Huge kudos to Dave McGillivray who’s been directing this event fairly seamlessly since 1988!

I can’t believe it’s only a little over 5 weeks until I’m running my first Boston Marathon! Unbelievably AWESOME!!!!

If you’d like to look up your bib number/corral or a friend’s here’s the link to the search tool. Boston Athletic Association


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