How To Be An Ultra Runner

I saw this video shared amongst my ultra friends today and had to share it with you here, as well! If you are an ultra runner (or have ever been ultra curious) check it out! I promise you’ll laugh and there is so much truth to it! Enjoy!!



Ultramarathon Dance Party – Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100 Video

Antelope Island start 2014

You’ll see several of my pals and I in Cory’s world-famous party for a 100 miles video!! 😀 If you ever have the chance to spot Cory out on the trail or in an ultra, make sure to say  hello, give him a hug or join him for some sweet dance moves! You won’t regret it! You’ll likely have the time of your life hanging out with the happiest guy I know! 🙂

My friend Cory Reece www.fastcory.com decided to video the runners at the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100 miler as we raced, ran and danced our buns off last weekend.  The result is pretty fun to watch!  I’m the one in the red tutu. I only wish I’d kept on dancing and stayed in the mental happy place since I ended up dropping from the race at mile 75.  I should have continued to boogie to the finish line like Cory did! 🙂


The B.A.A. Has Assigned Boston Bibs and Corral/Wave Info!

Boston 2014

This has been a pretty busy week. My husband and I are directing the Shamrock Shuffle St. Patrick’s Day run at Ste. Chapelle Winery this Saturday, so we’ve been busy running around getting things ready for our 600+ runners! While I was out today, my friend, Ryan texted me to let me know that the Boston Athletic Association had announced on their Facebook page that the waves/corral assignments and bib numbers had been determined!  How exciting!

I found out my bib # is 20525. I’m in wave 3 and corral 3.  Normally there are 3 waves of runners, divided into several corrals (9 corrals each this year).  There are approximately 9,000 in each wave.  They are arranged from fastest (wave 1) to slowest (usually wave 3, though this year with the increased number of runners there are 4 waves.) The corrals within those waves are also divided by the times the runners qualified in. It’s a very organized system to allow so many racers to actually begin the race in a timely way.



The first group begins at 10 am and then the other corrals get released about every 3 minutes until everyone is running. My corral (wave 3, corral 3) will be starting sometime after 11 am. I’d imagine close to 11:09 or so. The fastest runners literally will be half done by the time I cross the start line! Isn’t that a funny thought?! Even crazier is that they were expecting about 36,000 total runners (including charity racers) in the field, so once I begin, there may be nearly another 16,000 more to follow! I wonder how long the whole thing takes? It blows my mind as a race director who’s never put on an event with over 1,300 races to even think imagine orchestrating it all!  Huge kudos to Dave McGillivray who’s been directing this event fairly seamlessly since 1988!

I can’t believe it’s only a little over 5 weeks until I’m running my first Boston Marathon! Unbelievably AWESOME!!!!

If you’d like to look up your bib number/corral or a friend’s here’s the link to the search tool. Boston Athletic Association



2 1/2 Weeks Until My Next 100

The sign says it all!

The sign says it all!

Training has been going very well the last few weeks. Despite a lot more rain than usual for Boise, I’ve been able to get out and get in plenty of miles the last two months.  In fact, the last two months I’ve had more overall miles than ever before, which is pretty exciting!  Joining my hubby for his 5k a day nearly every day has been a nice way to bump up the training miles while keeping the injury risk pretty low since we usually walk those 5ks. I feel it’s been a useful recovery tool as well.

There are a few things going through my mind as I head into the final stretch to my third Antelope Island Buffalo Run on March 21st. This will be my 3rd time running the 100 here and my 4th time running on the island since I paced my friend Bertha in October at the 100k, so I’m comfortable knowing the course practically by  heart and know where to push and where to hold back, which will be useful.  There are many friends coming from Boise and Utah who I’m incredibly excited to see out there, which will definitely keep my spirits high during the race. Some faces I met in 2012 have become life-long friends like Joshua Bryant and Cory Reece. Many close training friends from Boise are also making the journey including my pacer from last year, Derek Call.  It will be fun to see if he still does a heel click for every mile during his 100 like he did for me last year for the final 50 miles of mine! Knowing Derek’s happy-go-lucky nature, I’m guessing there will be plenty of heel-clicking action for the photographers to capture! A new friend of mind, Serrah West will be out there running her first 100 and I can’t wait to see her tear it up! She’s fast and crazy awesome, so I am expecting to see her land in the top 3 ladies by the finish line!

How DOES he do that?!

How DOES he do that?!

My husband Wayne and our five children will again be out as my crew and support for the race, which I’m totally stoked about! This is becoming an Ebenroth spring tradition and one I look forward to so much for the way it draws us together and helps us create some great family memories. I can see it now… my children will be sitting around at Thanksgiving in 20 years talking about all those years they got bored out of their minds while their nutty mother insisted on running 100 miles around an island – for FUN!! It will be grand!

Let's hope I don't anger one of these fellas!

Let’s hope I don’t anger one of these fellas!

After another rough patch with my stomach on an overnight training run last week, I decided to go ahead and order some Tail Wind Nutrition powder in the naked flavor.  I really am at my wit’s end about how to get enough calories in me during a long ultra without having the nausea come on like a tidal wave and just make my race a struggle. I know if I can get a handle on that, my times will really improve.  I guess Antelope Island will be a test for that!

Not only am I trying something new with my nutrition for the race, but I’m also doing something else really daring – I’m doing this one without a pacer – on PURPOSE! I’ve really looked up to a few of the local Boise runners who have been ultra running longer than the rest of us and most of them do these things without assistance – and they do it well.  I’d really love to learn how to manage myself better and consider this the next step in growing up as an ultra runner.  It may be a horrible disaster, but I figure this particular race is an excellent time to try it out.  I’ll definitely be wanting a pacer for the IMTUF 100 in the fall due to the terrain being more difficult and the aid stations further apart (and with my history of getting lost, I’d say it’s a safety issue), but for this one, I think it’s a great opportunity to see if I’ve learned anything at all in the last few years of ultra running or not.  🙂 I’m actually pretty excited about it.  I once did a training run for 50 miles entirely alone and it was one of the best training runs of my life.  Bad weather came, hail, rain, sleet and crazy high winds, but I stayed mentally strong and kept myself moving despite the storm.  When the weather had been mild earlier in the day I had such a nice time just relaxing and enjoying the day on my own  and that is something I really am looking forward to for this race – just a little ‘me’ time for this mom of five!

I do!

I do!

The Boston marathon is only 7 weeks away now! I’ve already received my official Cheeto-dust orange jacket and I can’t wait to earn the right to actually wear it in public like a badge of honor!  Another local mom of five and I (who is also a first time at Boston) will be traveling together and we’re just beside ourselves with excitement as the date gets closer and closer!  I’d have to admit that I’m partly doing the 100 at Antelope Island this year just to dispel some of my nerves! I think it’s working at distracting me!  My Boston training has been going really well, too and I really think I have a shot at a PR on Patriot’s Day! The key will be recovering well after the 100 and then showing up rested and ready to rock on April 21st! It will be a dream come true running that course. I hope I can see through my tears of joy!

Only 7 more weeks!

Only 7 more weeks!