Have You Exercised With Your Valentine Today?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband, Wayne made a commitment on his birthday in July to walk or run at least 5k a day for an entire year! He has impressed my socks off by sticking with this commitment no matter how busy he’s been directing races, how much snow was falling outside or how cold and rainy it’s been lately! He hasn’t missed a single day in over 7 months!

He has invited me to join him on many of these 5ks and I have to say that it’s been one of the most bonding things we’ve done as husband and wife in our 16 years together.  We have time to talk freely while we walk (often in the moonlight), we hold hands and we talk about what’s going on in our lives.  There have been many tears (and a few stolen kisses) out on our walks.  We’ve enjoyed the snow, the rain, spotting deer and squirrels and discovering new trials together in our neighborhood.

My only regret about these times together is that we didn’t start doing them sooner! Have you taken a stroll with your Valentine today?


A Quick Look Back in Time – What Did It Feel Like to Run 50 Miles for the First Time?

My first 50 mile finish!! I DID IT!

My first 50 mile finish!! I DID IT!

Today a friend was sharing with me her fears about jumping up from the 50k distance she’s already achieved to the 50 mile distance at her ultras. I told her that I believed with all my heart she could do it!  Then I shared with her my blog entry from the day I ran my first 50 miles ever. I titled it I Ain’t No Quitter!  I had the opportunity to go back and read that one again tonight myself and it was like being transported back in time to the summer of 2011 when I was still a baby ultra runner, just beginning to get my legs under me.  That was a summer of high expectations, my first DNF and emerging like the phoenix from the ashes to prove that no matter how many times you knock an ultra runner down, she always rises again!

This year I’m experiencing some really fantastic highs. I finally qualified for the Boston Marathon last spring and will be doing the race for the first time this April. Before that, I will be heading to Antelope Island Buffalo Run to race my third 100 miler.  These are good times. But, there were definitely many bumps in the road to get to where I’m at. And, I just wanted to take a moment to share that with any of you who are new to my blog and might not know about my history as a runner.  Maybe you don’t know I’ve had 3 DNFs – all at 50 mile races or know that my first marathon was a 4:57 back in 2009? Some of you may be unaware that I was about 80 lbs heavier 7 years ago. That I hadn’t ran a step in over a decade when I began the Couch to 5k program in May of 2008. So many things have happened, so many miles have been traveled by the feet that I once worried could never run more than 5 miles since that was the greatest distance they had carried me prior to the year I was 35.

The Old Me - nearly 200 lbs and convinced as a Mom of 5, I had no time to exercise.

The Old Me – nearly 200 lbs and convinced as a Mom of 5, I had no time to exercise.

Today I want to encourage each and every one of you to hold tightly to your dreams. Keep working hard, getting up to go running when you’d rather go back to sleep, stepping out into the freezing weather when you’d rather stay indoors where it’s warm.  Big successes happen in the day-to-day boring workouts that you do because you know they’ll make you better. And, they will! Keep dreaming and keep working hard! Dreams DO come true!!



If you’d like to read my account of running 50 miles for the first time, please click the link below.  🙂

I Ain’t No Quitter – My First 50 Miles


Marathon Mama Goes Shirtless in Public!

Hot Yoga Be You

I finally did it!!! For the first time since I was 23 or so I worked out without my shirt. After I put my body through five pregnancies and the 40 lbs I gained with each of them I was certain my stomach should stay hidden from view forever. Even after losing over 80 lbs I’ve been very self consciousness about it. Today was a big deal for me going to my hot yoga class and standing in the front row staring at the mirror for 80 min while I embraced and accepted the less-than-perfect reflection and made peace with it. I feel empowered, strong and very confident right now!

It's TRUE!

It’s TRUE!

If you’re in the same boat I was – feeling like you’d really like to take that step and freely do a run or hot yoga workout without your shirt on – go for it! A good friend encouraged me to take the leap last week and I’m paying it forward by encouraging you to do the same! My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!