Boston Marathon Clothing

The secret’s out!  The Adidas web site has released the colors for the 2014 Boston Marathon – orange and blue!  They are officially calling the palette  ‘Solar Zest’  and ‘Solar Blue.’  Although I was secretly hoping for the traditional blue and yellow color scheme, I have to admit the Boise State alumni in me is digging the new color’s just fine! Now I’ll have something cute to wear to a game if I ever make it to one!

I saw a few runners on message boards complaining about the colors, when one woman’s husband looked over her shoulder and commented that if he were ever lucky enough to qualify for Boston, the jackets could be ‘Poop Brown’ and he’d still wear it proudly! That made me LOL and I couldn’t agree more!  Getting into Boston was a huge dream-come-true for me! I can’t wait to earn the right to wear my ‘Safety Cone Orange/ Creamsicle’ colored memorabilia for all the world to see! 😀

Adidas Boston Marathon Finisher Jacket

Adidas Boston Marathon Finisher Jacket


While browsing the web, I also came across a t-shirt that was sold last for last year’s race that brought a big smile! If only I could get my  hands on 5 of these, I could deck out my children with this catchy phrase as I head off to Boston this year! ha




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  1. You’re a genius! I need those!!! 😀 My BQ shoes are worn out and I need to replace them. Now I know with WHAT! Thanks for the heads up!

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