Wrapping Up Yearly Miles


I happened to be thumbing through last year’s log book this week and came across my stats for the last few years on one of the pages. I’m glad I bumped into this because it’s always a lot of fun to sit down at the end of the year and see how far I’ve ran and to compare that with previous years to see if I’m improving and staying on track or not.

I won’t bore you with the details of how many miles I ran prior to 2011, since I’d have to dig deeper into the caverns of my log book stash but for 2012 I ran 2,311 miles.  That was a nice improvement over 2011 when I ran 1,937 miles.

I pulled up my data on Daily Mile to see how this year is sizing up in comparison.  My gut told me this year was going to be pretty similar to last year and I was right.  So far this year I’ve logged 2,251 miles!  Looks like I need to run another 61 to beat last year’s numbers and continue to show improvement. With 22 days left in the month, that should be easy to beat!

How are your goals looking as you reflect on what you’ve achieved this past year? Did you achieve what you set out to do or are you looking forward to another New Year for a fresh start to try again?

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