Twas the Night Before Christmas (Run the Edge Style)

Go Santa!!!!

Twas the night before Christmas, all the shopping was done.
My insides were stirring, I needed a run.
My Newtons were placed by the front door with care,
In hopes that I’d take them out in the night air.

The children were nestled, tucked in for the night,
So I laced up my shoes both the left and the right.
I put on my mittens, and put on my cap,
I settled my brain for a long 10K lap.

I got my foam roller, the stretch felt so good.
I sprang from the door and run as fast as I could.
Away from my house I flew like a flash,
And tore up the street like I was running a dash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Lit up my path showing the way I should go.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a dude with a beard, dressed in red running gear.

He wasn’t too chubby, rather lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St Nick.
More rapid than eagles he flew to my side,
And ran right next to me matching my stride!

“I’ll race you! I’ll pace you! But just let me run!
I’m all done with work and it’s time for some fun!
To the top of that hill, until we hit the wall!
We’ll just keep on running and give it our all!”

Without another word we ran through the streets.
The only sounds those of our breath and heart beats.
He had a runner’s build but still a round belly,
That shook when he ran, like a bowlful of jelly!

We finished the loop ending back at in my yard,
I’d never ran so fast. I’d never breathed so hard!
He gave me a wink and a nod of his head,
We were bonded as runners with nothing more said.

From walkers and joggers to runners and racers,
From marathon finishers to age-group placers!
We all know the joy and the pain of a run,
and that wonderful feeling you get when your done!

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
“Thanks for the run, it was indeed a good-night!”


 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! — Marathon Mama Christie 🙂

Merry Christmas


Hot Chocolate Run Discount Code

Don't miss the fun!

Don’t miss the fun!

Want to run the hottest race around in the dead of winter?! Look no further than my very own Hot Chocolate Run in Eagle, Idaho! We offer two waves of 5k, a 10k and a children’s 1/2 mile race all followed by piping hot cups of hot cocoa served in your very own custom Hot Chocolate Mugs!!!

Custom Hot Chocolate Mugs!! Nice schwag!

Custom Hot Chocolate Mugs! Nice schwag!

Over 400 runners joined us last year in our inaugural year of this Final Kick Event and we’re excited to see this becoming a new southern Idaho family tradition for many years to come! So, when the Christmas season has wound down and you’re looking for something fun to do for the whole family, come on out and burn off some of those holiday pounds at the Hot Chocolate Run!

As readers of my blog, I’m offering a very special $10 discount if you use code “Christie” at checkout! Happy Holidays!


The Hot Chocolate Run

The Hot Chocolate Run


Winter Doldrums Workout Blues

I know I've been there!

Does this sound familiar?

It has been a snowy, foggy, chill-to-the bone past few weeks here in Boise. And on more mornings than I’d like to admit to, I’ve turned off the alarm and chosen to stay warm and cozy in bed for a little more sleep rather than dragging my tired self out into the pre-dawn cold where I normally log most of my miles.    And, it’s no wonder – as we try to juggle everything this time of year throws at us — holiday shopping and baking,  less daylight to get a run in, the children going wild from being cooped up in the house more than not – it’s understandable that we end up missing more workouts than we would like.

I was lamenting to a good friend (who just happens to also be a runner) just a couple of days ago that I’d spent more time devouring holiday goodies than I had running miles lately so I was feeling discouraged and lacking motivation. Luckily for me, I complained to just the right person – a friend who’s pretty good at not only motivating himself, but also everyone else. He invited me on a run. A 5:30 (headlamp required) mountain trail run.  I accepted, though I will admit that the chubby, whiny new me kind of was tempted to complain to him but not really do anything useful about my current state of affairs.  Luckily for me, though, my integrity is as such that if I promise I will be somewhere at such-and-such a time — I always show up.

And, so yesterday, I found myself in a snowy parking lot, in 21 degree weather waiting for the others to arrive.  And, it turned out, I wasn’t the only one looking for some early morning social miles. I counted as car-after-car arrived and bundled runners climbed out, ready to tackle the trails. There were 8 of us all together by the time the last vehicle arrived. I was totally amazed. Normally, on a good day, 3 or 4 will show up to run early, but this was a whole new record!

We had a wonderful run and just after everyone had said their good-byes, my friend, with one hand already on his pickup door, yelled out, “Hey! I’m running again tomorrow if any of you want to join me!” Several (including me) agreed to do it all again. And, this morning — 5 of the gang was back at it again, breathing hard in the foggy early morning air, climbing up some beautiful snow-covered trails, knocking out nearly 10 tough, but satisfying miles.

Gratitude.  That is the best word for what I’m feeling for my friend right now for getting me and a few others out of our winter workout funks. And, I’m reminded that what he did is something the rest of us need to do more often — motivate others — invite others on a run or to a yoga class (I’m going to one on Friday with the same friend after months of not attending) or to do something healthy.  The beautiful thing is that when we motivate others – we are also helping ourselves since we often get a workout buddy for the day, which is a pretty fantastic thing!

So, I encourage you — if you’re looking at several empty pages in your log book from the last week or so — invite a friend to join you for a workout tomorrow or the next day! My guess is, you’ll be glad you did and you’ll both be better off!

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Thanks Ryan for all the positive peer pressure this week! 😀



50 Best Running Blogs Nominated by a Reader’s Choice

Oh, thank you, thank you very much!

Oh, thank you, thank you very much!

Have you ever had a wonderful, unexpected honor bestowed upon you? I just did tonight when I found my blog mentioned as one of the 50 Best Running Blogs!

Check out who’s #42  Marathon Mama!!  Wooo hoooo!  Thank you, On Top of the World Mommy for nominating me! I feel so honored and happy that you enjoy my blog!

It’s always my hope that opening myself up and transparently sharing my ups and downs as a running Mom of five will amuse, inspire and hopefully encourage even one other person out there.



Boston Marathon Clothing

The secret’s out!  The Adidas web site has released the colors for the 2014 Boston Marathon – orange and blue!  They are officially calling the palette  ‘Solar Zest’  and ‘Solar Blue.’  Although I was secretly hoping for the traditional blue and yellow color scheme, I have to admit the Boise State alumni in me is digging the new color’s just fine! Now I’ll have something cute to wear to a game if I ever make it to one!

I saw a few runners on message boards complaining about the colors, when one woman’s husband looked over her shoulder and commented that if he were ever lucky enough to qualify for Boston, the jackets could be ‘Poop Brown’ and he’d still wear it proudly! That made me LOL and I couldn’t agree more!  Getting into Boston was a huge dream-come-true for me! I can’t wait to earn the right to wear my ‘Safety Cone Orange/ Creamsicle’ colored memorabilia for all the world to see! 😀

Adidas Boston Marathon Finisher Jacket

Adidas Boston Marathon Finisher Jacket


While browsing the web, I also came across a t-shirt that was sold last for last year’s race that brought a big smile! If only I could get my  hands on 5 of these, I could deck out my children with this catchy phrase as I head off to Boston this year! ha





Wrapping Up Yearly Miles


I happened to be thumbing through last year’s log book this week and came across my stats for the last few years on one of the pages. I’m glad I bumped into this because it’s always a lot of fun to sit down at the end of the year and see how far I’ve ran and to compare that with previous years to see if I’m improving and staying on track or not.

I won’t bore you with the details of how many miles I ran prior to 2011, since I’d have to dig deeper into the caverns of my log book stash but for 2012 I ran 2,311 miles.  That was a nice improvement over 2011 when I ran 1,937 miles.

I pulled up my data on Daily Mile to see how this year is sizing up in comparison.  My gut told me this year was going to be pretty similar to last year and I was right.  So far this year I’ve logged 2,251 miles!  Looks like I need to run another 61 to beat last year’s numbers and continue to show improvement. With 22 days left in the month, that should be easy to beat!

How are your goals looking as you reflect on what you’ve achieved this past year? Did you achieve what you set out to do or are you looking forward to another New Year for a fresh start to try again?