Snot Rocket Training 101

Wish I'd had this handy step-by-step informational message on my run today!

Wish I’d had this handy step-by-step informational message on my run today!

There are three skills I wish I had in life:

1. The ability to whistle loud and long like my Mom when she’d call my sister and I in for dinner. I cannot whistle at all, let alone in that impressive “Mom call” way!

2 .I cannot spit. I tried this week, while in the car, going down the road. It landed on my leg. GROSS! ย Wayne says there’s a launching technique I apparently am unequipped with.

3. Blowing snot rockets. I’ve ran with a few fellas who do this all the time! I am slower than they are so at times I have been caught in the fire. UGH. Today, while running up Lucky Peak alone, still dealing with the after-effects of the worst cold I’ve ever had, it occurs to me I might feel better if I just dealt with the snot problem. But I didn’t have a tissue. I started thinking about all the disgusting snot rockets I’ve dodged from Derek and decide to give it a try — no one’s looking, right?

So, I plugged one side and leaned forward and gave a mighty powerful puff of wind out of my nostril and lo and behold, the offending goo comes shooting out. BUT..not entirely. Ahhhhhh,.. I shook my head from side to side to get it to fall to the ground. It just dances around. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I finally had to resort to my tech shirt helping out. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Then I realize the other side needs dealt with too. Same. Exact. Story! Really??!!!!! How do people make this look so easy without a tissue?!!!

As I continued on my run, breathing well, but covered in boogers, I thanked the heavens that I wasn’t encountering anyone I knew the rest of the way home. Miss Grody Face finished up and had a pretty nice run, despite being ungifted in any of the three ways mentioned. The End.

Elevation Gain: 1,396 feet. Felt: Happy in the sunshine, joyous on the trails but stuffy and a bit slow.

4 thoughts on “Snot Rocket Training 101

  1. Don’t lean forward. I think that’s where you went wrong. Lean a bit to the side like you’re about to look over your shoulder and simultaneously blow. Short, strong exhales work best. Keep practicing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! This is just great. I did this during Zeitgeist and made SURE no one was directly behind me. It was a total success ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll show you next time I see you… wouldn’t that be hilarious?

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