Snot Rocket Training 101

Wish I'd had this handy step-by-step informational message on my run today!

Wish I’d had this handy step-by-step informational message on my run today!

There are three skills I wish I had in life:

1. The ability to whistle loud and long like my Mom when she’d call my sister and I in for dinner. I cannot whistle at all, let alone in that impressive “Mom call” way!

2 .I cannot spit. I tried this week, while in the car, going down the road. It landed on my leg. GROSS!  Wayne says there’s a launching technique I apparently am unequipped with.

3. Blowing snot rockets. I’ve ran with a few fellas who do this all the time! I am slower than they are so at times I have been caught in the fire. UGH. Today, while running up Lucky Peak alone, still dealing with the after-effects of the worst cold I’ve ever had, it occurs to me I might feel better if I just dealt with the snot problem. But I didn’t have a tissue. I started thinking about all the disgusting snot rockets I’ve dodged from Derek and decide to give it a try — no one’s looking, right?

So, I plugged one side and leaned forward and gave a mighty powerful puff of wind out of my nostril and lo and behold, the offending goo comes shooting out. BUT..not entirely. Ahhhhhh,.. I shook my head from side to side to get it to fall to the ground. It just dances around. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I finally had to resort to my tech shirt helping out. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Then I realize the other side needs dealt with too. Same. Exact. Story! Really??!!!!! How do people make this look so easy without a tissue?!!!

As I continued on my run, breathing well, but covered in boogers, I thanked the heavens that I wasn’t encountering anyone I knew the rest of the way home. Miss Grody Face finished up and had a pretty nice run, despite being ungifted in any of the three ways mentioned. The End.

Elevation Gain: 1,396 feet. Felt: Happy in the sunshine, joyous on the trails but stuffy and a bit slow.


I Got Into Boston!!!

I feel badly that I have been so busy the past few weeks that I haven’t updated my blog about the big happenings in my running life! My apologies for leaving anyone hanging who was rooting for me to get accepted into the 2014 Boston Marathon! Well, I’m IN!!!! I got accepted!!!!

I was in the midst of getting things organized to help my husband direct  our biggest event to date – The Idaho Wine Run with over 1,300 racers – while I waited to hear from the B.A.A.  Their web site had said they’d let the final round of applicants know one way or the other on Wednesday, September 25th.  I couldn’t sleep the night before. I kept waking up and having little peeks at my email box just in case the emails would be sent out at midnight Eastern time. I must have checked three times through the night before finally falling asleep.  The second my eyes popped open the next morning, it was the same thing – rush to the computer, hold my breath and check my e-mail only to not see anything from the B.A.A. there.  I rushed over to the Boston Marathon web site and typed in my name in the entrants list just to see if it had shown up over there before the email.  Again – nothing.

I finally had to leave the house and do errands for our upcoming Wine Run. We were at our shoe store sponsor, The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop when I got a text from my running buddy, Ryan.  Everyone had already asked me at the store when I walked in if I’d gotten into Boston and I’d told them I didn’t know yet.   The minute I opened up Ryan’s text – simply a picture of his screen showing my name on the entrants list, I started to cry! I said to my husband, “Oh my goodness! I’m going to Boston!” Everyone in the store got emotional right along with me.

It was the neatest way to find out! I still feel like pinching myself because this is such an unbelievable dream come true!!! I’m GOING TO BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who's going to BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Guess who’s going to BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!