Not Enough Spots at the Boston Marathon

This morning’s update from Runner’s World about the Boston Marathon registration for 2014 was not unexpected.  7,500 already sent in registrations yesterday and only 5,000 spots are left. Registration will stay open for those who qualified for Boston until Friday at 5:00 pm E.T. At that point, they will arrange them based on how much of a margin each runner beat their BQ time.  My “BQ” time was 3:45:00 for my age and gender (a 40 year old female.) I ran a 3:40:44, so I have a margin of 4:16 over my time – a “cushion.”   My chances seem pretty good at this point, but nothing is certain.   Those in the under 2 minute window will likely be biting their nails in anticipation this week as they await the final verdict on Sunday when the acceptance e-mails will go out to the racers who get in.  It’s going to be a long week for many – myself included!

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