Running with my BFF

Bertha and I

I’ve been reading a book titled MWF seeking BFF. It’s a true story about a gal who moves away from her close friends in New York and tries to find a gal pal to fill the void in her new Chicago life. It’s a story I relate to a bit. My best friend is someone I’ve known since we were in first grade. I can tell her anything, be myself with her, be “real” and no matter what’s bothering me, she can always make me laugh and feel like it’s going to be ok. My best friend, Bertha lives in Nampa. I moved more than an hour away two years ago when I moved to Southeast Boise. She used to stop by my house for lunch since I lived 5 min from her office. We ran together a lot! I miss her dearly!!! Somehow nearly a year has passed since we last ran together, so we had a lot of catching up to do. We DO e-mail and text and talk on the phone, but it’s so much better to catch up in person!!!!!

My Garmin shows we had a moving time about an hour and 40 minutes faster than our actual time! Those were all the times we stopped dead in our tracks to tell dramatic, gossipy stories to each other! Ohhhhh how I’d missed her and all the subjects that I only feel truly comfortable discussing with her. We laughed so much I was sure I’d end up wetting my pants (er.. shorts!) The moment she complained about her “mommy tummy” and pulled up her shirt just to prove to me how bad she thought her stomach was and I pulled up my shirt to show her my “mom-of-5” belly and nearly blinded her with my alabaster stomach was a highlight!! Bertha is Hispanic so she got quite a laugh from seeing my pasty “white girl” belly, which I think looked extra awesomely ghost-like next to my tan legs!!! 😀

We headed straight for Olive Garden after and continued the catch up fest while we dined on all-you-can eat pasta, salad and breadsticks!! Mmmmmmm!!!!! My heart is once again full!!!! I adore this girl!! 😀 Gosh, it felt so good to take down the walls of my heart, to be seen, to be enjoyed to laugh so hard I could hardly breath and to go away knowing that even after all this time – a true friendship is exactly the same. It is home.

Elevation Gain: 2,673 feet. Total miles: 18.81 miles.

P.S. The fly-infested porta john from heck is worth a mention. I visited the facility before the run and thought I’d walked into a horror movie when 8 bazillion flies were buzzing around the piles of well, you know… as I entered. I thought, “How am I going to pee without all those icky flies buzzing under my bum? I flapped my arms around yelling, “SHOO!” to get them to move, but only some of them did. That was the quickest doing of business I have ever done in my life and I was so afraid I’d accidentally capture one of those creepy pests in my shorts as I pulled them back up but thankfully I got out without any hitchhikers taking a ride. It is so much nicer to just water the bushes on a trail run! Next time I will be avoiding the porta john!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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