I Registered for Boston

I could hardly sleep last night knowing the final wave for the Boston Marathon registration would open up for those who qualified for Boston with 0 – 4:59 better than their BQ time today, Monday, September 16th, 2013.  I was nervously sitting at my computer hitting refresh over and over until the screen finally showed the registration form at something like 8:04 am mountain time.  I got a bit teary-eyed when I hit enter on the final page and got my confirmation number back. I hope I get in! It is all in the hands of the B.A.A. gods now!

The sign ups this week are not first-come, first-serve.  They will accept entrants until Friday at 5 pm E.T. and then sort out the entries based on those who beat their BQ times by the most, with first entries going to the 4:59 better than BQ times on down to those who squeaked in right in under the wire.

The announcement this morning said there are approximately 5,000 spots left, so I know my chances are better than some with a time 4:16 better than my BQ, but I’m still not going to be able to exhale until Sunday morning when they send out the acceptance e-mails to those who will get a spot!

It doesn’t look good for those who qualified by less than 1:30, honestly. The demand has been so great for the race this year that I’m sure those racers will be on pins and needles until the final count is made.  A year ago, everyone who BQ’d and registered got into Boston 2013.  The terrorist attack awoke something deep in many racers and it’s believed that the spike in entries this year is due to that response.  For me, it is merely a coincidence that my BQ finally came during the aftermath of the terrible events of the last race.

My heart goes out to all who gave everything they could in the past racing season and qualified for Boston and are now sitting alongside me waiting and wondering if we’ll get to toe the line in Hopkinton next April! Hang in there and I hope to see you there!!!!!

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