Yoga Workout on Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus Yoga Pose

Wii Fit Plus Yoga Pose. I appreciate the feedback from the game and the instruction!

I’ve been having problems with my IT band syndrome again since the McCall 40 race a week and a half ago.  I’ve seen my chiropractor for Graston therapy, taken some rest days, started doing the Myrtle Hip Strengthening workout to loosen up those tight hip abductors again and this morning I pulled out a tool I hadn’t used in 422 days (according to my Wii Fit Plus when I plugged it on and climbed on the balance board today!)

I had forgotten how handy this personal trainer disguised as a video game could be! I used to use this a lot more a couple of years ago when I lived in another home with a roomier living room space!  My current living room has about 5 x 6 of floor space so it’s difficult to really stretch out my arms overhead while lying on the floor or when doing poses like Spinal Twist.  It’s even more difficult when accompanied by the two cutest yoga partners in the planet — my 6 and 8 year old daughters, who joined me today!  But, we had a good time, I got to work on my stretching and relaxing and the girls had fun doing “laps” under my Mommy Bridge when I was doing Downward Dog (they stopped for kisses too, which was pretty cute!)

I’ll be using this tool again more now that the boys showed me again how to set the darn thing up again (what can I say – I’m 40 and rarely play video games so I need refresher courses every now and then!) 😀

Here is the Myrtle Hip Strengthening Video guide if you’d like to try this one out as well! I find it easy to follow and it really does help me to loosen up the hip area again when I’m struggling with IT band syndrome!

Myrtle Hip Strengthening Exercises

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    • Hi Maggie. It’s actually just a screen shot of how the game looks during the workout. It’s not a video. Sorry for the confusion.

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