Baby Steps

I cancelled my chiro appointment and instead decided to just take it easy and gradually introduce movement back into my legs without going overboard. I get pretty sore from the ART and Graston therapy and wanted to be able to distinguish “real” pain from soreness from the treatment, so I think it was the right decision.

I walked in the snow to the neighborhood gym. The sky was robin-egg blue and completely cloudless, the sun was shining and the wind was biting through my thin shirt. I forced myself to walk slower than I normally would -just keeping things loose and gentle. I’d taken a warm bath before I left and massaged the leg muscles – especially the injured calf until they felt loose before I left. I felt good. I have had zero tightness or pain at all in the calf this morning.

When I got to the gym I hit the recumbent bike – and kept it on level 1 — just trying to ease the muscles into working correctly and painlessly again. The automatic timer on the bike is 20 min and I figured that was probably about right for the first time. I didn’t sweat. That wasn’t the point – yet, but I moved the leg, pain-free for 20 min and got 3.1 miles done.

Then I walked back home, this time on the sunnier side of the street where I didn’t have to make a path through the snow! I did watch a poor Mother pulling a kid in a wagon on the other side dealing with it though and wanted to say “It’s nicer over here!” ๐Ÿ™‚

The 100 in 3 1/2 weeks? Who knows. At this point, I’m just taking baby steps and whatever happens – my long-term healing is the most important thing so I can go back to doing what I adore for as long as I am able to in this lifetime…..


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