An Attitude of Gratitude

Be happy with the life you have!

I had a lovely start to my day today! I haven’t been able to run for almost two weeks. Last night I got a text from Ryan saying he and our buddy Christine were going to run in the morning and then get breakfast after. He was inviting me to join in for breakfast since I’ve been missing out on all the socializing I get while running usually. I thought that was really thoughtful. As a stay-at-home Mom, it’s true that a big part of my social life is now tied to my running community and it was fun to catch up with two of my pals over breakfast today!

When I woke up this morning, I was immediately aware of how wonderful my leg was feeling after my visit to the chiropractor yesterday. I really think the combination of ART and ultrasound on the calf made a huge difference!! He also used ART on my shoulders/neck area. I was involved in a head-on car crash that totaled my car when I was 20 years old. I’ve struggled with pain and soreness in my neck every since. Yesterday was the first time my doctor used the active release therapy on me and I swear I could tell instantly it would be beneficial! Normally I have soreness/pain in my neck/shoulders all the time. It makes it hard to fall asleep at night. Last night I slept like a baby and this morning I am about 75% better! My IT band and calf feel better too!!! Yay!!

So, after breakfast, I headed home and got the kids started on school and decided to head out for a really gentle, short walk. I had NO pain in my calf during the 3 miles and made sure not to push the pace at all. Recovery is more important than speed.

While I was walking in the beautiful sunshine, under a clear blue, cloudless sky, I started counting my blessings. I have so much to be grateful for! An amazing husband, loving children, my sweet friends, a roof over my head in a neighborhood I love (where I can see the mountains from my front porch!!), plenty of food and my good health! Even though I’m injured right now, I have been able to use my body in ways I never imagined possible — running races so much faster than I ever dreamed I could and distances that seem impossible to most people. I have a wonderful life!!!!!

So, injury or no injury — I am happy. I am grateful! I am full of JOY!

Enjoy your day!

Ave HR: 106

Be Thankful!!

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