Feeling Sexy

Me in my other TStarRunning Skirt! It's easy to run when you feel so sassy!

When I run solo, I like to have a few specific goals for my runs. Today my goals were: Run easy, keep the heart rate steady at about 75% of max and run for two hours. So, I pulled on my adorable purple and black new sexy skirt made my Biddi that I’ve been dying to take on a run, added a few matching articles of clothing (including my jazzy purple and white zebra striped Mizuno Wave Elixer 7 shoes) and headed out into the fog for a morning run! It was a cozy 28 degrees and my legs were so happy to be set free again today instead of trapped behind a pair of winter running tights!

I settled into a comfortable jog and relaxed and breathed. I love running in the fog. A little bit of hail must have happened in the night because I was running on these tiny pebbles of it for the first two miles which made my footing kind of funny, but I didn’t mind. I realized how happy I was to NOT be focused on pace for the day. I’m glad I’m training for a 100 right now and not another fast marathon. I do love running fast, but I also like to slow down and enjoy the moments, savor the morning while I run – and that’s harder to do when you’re focused on going fast! Today was good for the soul and the body — gentle, easy, light-footed and steady.

I got it in my head that I was hoping to make it down to the Train Depot, which is this really cool looking clock tower building in downtown Boise. I wasn’t exactly sure how far it was from my house, but I was hoping that running for an hour would let me at least glimpse it before turning back and it turned out I was exactly right!!!

I came in sight of it (as much of it as I could make out in the fog) right at 1 hour into the run. I saw my HR was at a 158 average which is right on target! I switched my Garmin screen to only show HR so I wouldn’t “cheat” and try to race myself back home. I wanted to practice staying in control and NOT pushing too hard the whole way.

Now, on the way out, I had a nice, gradual downhill of about 256 feet of loss, so that meant I was running uphill gradually on the way back, so I expected to find that it took longer to get home than it did to come (especially since I was watching the HR and my heart always goes berserk on uphills if I push at ALL!) I was trying to guess how much longer it would take with those factors and I guestimated it would be about an hour and 5 min for me.

As I was running along, I noticed a cop car pulled over a little ways ahead. I ran tall, smiled devilishly and thought, “Ohhhh, I hope I get a ticket for being too SEXY in this skirt!!!!” but I did not. Darn! Maybe next time! 😉

Just about two miles from my house, I noticed a small SUV with dark tinted windows pass me by and then slow down and stop. I crossed the road approaching the car and when I reached the driver’s side door and saw a very handsome, beared man, I leaned in and gave him a kiss that left him breathless!!! Good thing for me it was my husband, huh?! 😉 We chatted and then I ran the final two miles back home.

It took one hour to reach 6.58 miles at the turnaround today. I hit my front door in an hour and 3 min and 22 seconds. My ave HR was still 158! WIN!!!!!! It must have been the SEXY skirt, Biddi!!! That’s what I’m thinking…..

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