How Do You Juggle It All?

I had only ran 11 miles this week – 11 MILES! Argh! Sometimes people ask me how I manage to stay married to the same man for 15 years, homeschool 5 children, raise them, keep the housework and laundry caught up, help direct 10 races AND run enough that I’m trained for my ultras and marathons. The short answer: I DON’T! It really is a juggling act and when one area of my life is going exceptionally well, it’s inevitable that at least one or two other areas of my life are sucking pond scum!

This past week, Wayne and I’ve met with sponsors for our race company. Those meetings went exceptionally well!!! I sat down and caught up all the paperwork and bills for our family and our business. I spent some much-needed time having fun with my kids and took them bowling and out for ice cream. We got a replacement to our broken washing machine and got the laundry caught up (yay for clean undies!) Wayne and I even made time for some cuddling and talking and daydreaming about our future. It honestly was a good week! I just didn’t run as much.

I think that’s the lesson. I value my family above all — none of the running stuff would mean ANYTHING if I didn’t have them there at home to greet me after a run, there at the finish line cheering me in or along the course of a 100 handing me water and telling me that I can totally do it. They are my priority.

I see marriages falling apart in my social circle. It frightens me. I see other couples face something really difficult like cancer and cling to one another and fight it together and grow closer. I want to be more like the second kind of couple. I couldn’t do the things I do without the love and support of my husband!! He is my number 1 fan, my greatest encourager, my best friend (and the one who actually shells out the sweet moula for my race entry fees — thank you, honey!) πŸ˜€ I don’t want him to ever feel he’s taken a back seat to my training, my running, my friends.

Anyways… serious thoughts today as I remind myself of what’s important in my life. Thankfully, running is something that my husband will continue to encourage me on and that’s good, because I truly love it with all my heart! I had a talk with a competitive local runner gal this week. She said, “Running isn’t “me” time. It’s just part of who I am and what I do.” I feel like that too.

Oodles of snow out there today made it pretty hard to keep a regular pace, so I just eased up, walked and hiked through the 4 inches of snow and took a few lovely photos of the winter wonderland. I tried listening to music. My player died after 3 songs. Luckily, Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer, which pretty much rocked my socks!! πŸ™‚

Elevation Gain: 315 feet. Mix of trail and road today (all covered in snow and/or ice.) Ave HR: 132. Max HR: 162. Felt: Reflective.

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