Looking Back 3 Years Ago Today


Bertha and I at Leon’s Fat Ass 50k in 2011

3 years ago today I attempted my first ultra marathon — and quit after 23.33 miles in the snowy Boise Foothills when I had GI distress and needed a bathroom (this was before I’d grown accustomed to baring my bottom in the wild!) As I rode home in the car that day, I remember wondering if I’d ever really be able to make it the entire 31.07 miles of a 50k someday.

Three months later, I showed up at the starting line of another ultra – the Weiser River 50k — and this time I did get to feel the satisfaction of crossing the finish line – and it felt awesome!

Bertha and I racing at Weiser River 50k in April of 2010.

Every year since that first freezing January morning in 2010, I have shown up at Leon’s Fat Ass 50k to do the race again. In 2011, I got off course and did so many bonus miles that my husband refused to let me run the second half of the race (so — 20 miles done instead of the full distance.) In 2012, I had my year of redemption finally and raced much, much faster than previous years AND got to cross the finish line!!! It was a glorious feeling – and carried a lot of meaning for me since it had been my first experience at an ultra distance back in 2010.

Today, the race happened again, but this time I was not in attendance. I was volunteering for the Treasure Valley Weight Loss Challenge at Humphrey’s Diabetes Center in Boise. I had the privilege of greeting about 850 local people who are committing themselves to losing weight and getting healthier in 2013! I showed a few of them my before photo and enjoyed some wonderful conversations about achieving really difficult weight loss and fitness goals when you really commit yourself to them! It was an inspiring and fun time getting to give encouragement to others and give my time to a worthy organization. I’m glad I went. 🙂

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