“Even if you don’t feel confident, fake it. Time after time, I have seen a marginal runner act the role of confident competitor and eventually become one. “

Allan Lawrence, The Self-Coached Runner
















This quote showed up in my e-mail box today from Runner’s World and it really spoke to me. I struggle with my confidence when racing sometimes. My training partner has said to me, “It’s what’s between your ears that matters more than anything on race day” and I think he’s got an excellent point.

If you show up at the starting line fully believing in yourself, you’re more likely to have a great race.  When you arrive with doubt in your mind, it cripples your ability to do your best. So, I encourage you to choose to think and behave like a winner!

Practice visualizing things going your way on race day, review your training log to see that you have done the work and deserve a good race since you’re earned it!

Believe in yourself and let the hard work you’ve done in training do the rest!

Happy Running!

Christie 🙂

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