Wilson Creek – Chasing Down Wild Horses

I grew up in Owyhee County and one of my favorite places to sneak off to for a long, trail run is the Wilson Creek trail head in the Owyhee Mountains, not far from Melba, Idaho. It’s about a 75 minute drive from my home in Boise, so I save this one for special occasions or training for the Wilson Creek Frozen 50k that will be happening next year on January 19th, 2013!

On Saturday, a group of about 20 ultra runners met up before dawn to run the 20 mile loop that is part of the race. This was the first time I’d done the entire 20 since last January when I raced it during my 50k. I was eager to revisit the course!

I decided to bring along my camera for this one. I used to take a ton of photos on my runs and share them here on my blog. I felt it was time to take a super easy day, stop and enjoy the scenery and take some great photos along the way and I was really hoping I’d have a chance to get some shots of the elusive wild horses that roam out in these hills.

I arrived while the sky was still dark and dawn was just beginning to break. This proved to be my favorite photo op of the day as I snapped a series of photos of the quickly-changing early morning sky as it morphed before my eyes into a beautiful sunrise!

It was an amazing day! I had the opportunity to chat with three new friends and even had the chance to point out the herd of wild horses was up on a hillside to two of them who had never seen them before! In total, I spotted more than 30 wild horses during my 5 and a half hour run! It was wonderful!

It was a lovely 20 (actually 20.75) miles on the trails. I am looking forward to doing it again at least one more time before race day!

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