Pacing Rachael at IMTUF 100

I had the great honor and pleasure of pacing my good friend, Rachael at over the weekend! It was a wonderful experience to run one of the most difficult courses (with more water crossings, log hoppings, mountain side scrambles than I’d ever experienced) in temperatures ranging from sub freezing in the night to nice and comfy under a beautiful blue October sky in the afternoon for nearly 100k as a pacer! I now say pacing is how you “Try before you buy!” an ultra marathon!  After helping my pal chase her dream down and complete this race in 35:38:09 (which is for a 105 miles I should mention not just 100 – because how can you have too many beautiful, challenging miles when you’re doing this stuff?!) I feel pretty certain I’d like to toe the line next year and find out if “I” am TUF, too! 😀  The finisher prize was a gorgeous, leather belt — to hold all those belt buckles we 100 milers like to collect! What a genius idea! Looking forward to next year when it’s my turn!

I’m overwhelmingly proud of my gal, Rachael! She was tough, focused, she gave me her all out there and she never, ever, ever, wanted to quit — even though many other runners did.  33 started the race, 15 DNF’d it and 1 finished after the official cut off.  THAT IS TOUGH! And, yet, she rose to the occasion, she did what she needed to do and she proved herself strong enough to go the distance and fast enough to do it under the cut offs! It was a pleasure to be invited to pace my friend and an honor to be there by her side for nearly an entire day and night! Thank you, Rachael for allowing me to be part of your dream-chasing! I’m so happy for you!!!! You rock, sister!

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