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Authors and fellow bloggers, Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea of Another Mother Runner started a little game a couple weeks ago where they each answered 10 questions about themselves that they shared on their blog with their readers, then they tagged three other bloggers and they’ve asked other bloggers to “tag” one another and keep the game going!  Well, my Daily Mile pal, Danica Lucker of Boston or Botox  tagged me this past week so now it’s my turn to play! So, here you go!!!!! I hope none of my revelations are too shocking!

1. Best Run Ever:  The first time I ran 50 miles in June of 2011. It was the week after I’d been pulled at Big Horn 50 at about the 50k spot for being too slow. I needed to know I could really do the distance in the same amount of time that Big Horn had allowed for the overall distance which was 15 hours. I ran that fifty miles in 13:57 – more than an hour faster than I needed to.

It started in the early morning hours under a star-studded black sky by headlamp with my good friend, Ryan there to pace me. I remember feeling fast on the downhill early on, enjoying the thrill of doing something crazy. I remember the trails being lined with fragrant lupine flowers, dodging some fierce cows that threatened to block us from the path, splashing my feet through the ice cold Boise River that had flooded the Greenbelt, the agony of muscles that were so tired they threatened to seize right up and stop working, the joy of digging deep and getting it done when it hurt so much and somehow sprinting to the “finish” at the end where we jumped into the Boise River to celebrate while family and friends clapped and cheered and took photos.  It wasn’t an official race, but it was honestly one of the most meaningful runs of my life. I regained my confidence that day and knew I was unstoppable!

2. Three Words That Describe My Running: Soul-cleansing. Energizing. Social.

3. My Go-To Running Outfit Is: Under Armour 2″ black compression shorts, Pearl Izumi teal and black running tank, Zensah neon pink compression calf sleeves, Moving Comfort Fiona sports bra, Balega no show running socks and Brooks Pure Grit trail shoes.

4. Quirky Habit While Running: I’m kind of an attack hugger! Sometimes I get so overcome with love for my running partners, so amped up on endorphins that I throw my arms around whoever I’m with and pull them to me for a quick squeeze right in the middle of a run! The pals sometimes look stunned. I am usually left smiling! If I like you and am having a particularly joyful outing with you at some point, you may experience this. You’ve been warned!

5. Morning, Midday, Evening:  I know it’s been an exceptionally fun day when I have started in the early morning and am still running midday and through the night and get to watch a second sunrise before I’m done but I need to do more 100 milers to experience that more often!  Honestly, I usually do the majority of my running in the early morning hours – much of it by headlamp in order to be back at home before my five kids wake up for the day! It’s one of the ways I am able to be a devoted Mom AND devoted runner!

6. I Won’t Run Outside When It’s:  I have ran through snow, hail, rain (my first marathon had rain the entire time!), 100 degree temperatures, smoke (we have had quite a few forest fires in our area this summer but that didn’t stop me from training once), wind and perfect weather.  I feel that one of the reasons I have been successful at keeping my weight off and have trained well for most of my races has been my willingness to get my runs in no matter what the weather is like.  If it’s cold, I wear more layers and gloves. If it’s hot, I go slower and bring more water. It’s pretty simple.  Sometimes (like the one time last December I ran through a storm with lightening, rain, hail and winds high enough to knock me to the ground repeatedly while I was doing a 50 miler alone) it was hard to feel sure it was a wise decision – but the knowledge that I’d survived and came out stronger afterwords convinced me that most of the time there is no such thing as weather bad enough to justify skipping a run. Plus, those sorts of stories are always fun to tell at parties to those who think long distance runners are a little crazy!











7. Worst Injury and How I Got Over It: Last August at Wild Idaho 50 miler, I suffered an IT band injury that forced me to limp the final 29 miles of a very difficult, mountainous race. It was pretty painful and I had to take a few weeks off to rest it, to spend time foam rolling and stretching and finally seeing a chiropractor for Graston therapy to finally heal it entirely.

8. I Felt Most Like a Badass Runner When I: Crossed the finish line at Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100 miler in March of 2012! Running a hundred miles is one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my life! I felt like nothing I set my mind on and worked hard to achieve was out of my reach once I’d done that!

9. My Next Race Is:  My next race to direct is the Idaho Wine Run coming up next Sunday, September 30th in Caldwell, ID! My next race to participate as a pacer in will be IMTUF 100 miler in McCall, ID the following week, where I’ll be pacing my good friend, Rachael for about 50 miles. The next race I am running as a participant is the Foothills Frenzy 50k here on October 20th here in Boise, Idaho! I’m really looking forward to all three races!

10. Potential Running Goals for 2013: I am eager to run another 100 miler and I’d like to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

Now I get to “tag” other bloggers that I follow! I choose my super, awesome, running partner, Ryan in Boise, Cory (a cool and really funny guy I met at Antelope Island this spring) Fast Cory and Jeremy, a good friend from Daily Mile who was kind enough to show up at my 100 miler, offering me a kind face and a big hug after I’d hit a really rough patch in my race and helped pace me for a bit – Jeremy runs this.   Can’t wait to see your responses, fellas!!! TAG! You’re IT!


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  1. Carli, I will admit that most of the time when hail was involved it happened while I was so far out on the trail or road I had no choice but to continue! 😀 But, yes, it’s happened so many times over the last 4 years now that I’ve lost count.

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