No BQ — This time…..

The short story. I did not qualify for Boston. Not even close. I did have a plan and I stuck with it for the first 15 or so miles, then the wheels fell off. PR’d at the half marathon distance by several minutes (1:47) which was awesome. Felt like I was holding back at that point, running strong and steady but not pushing too hard. Guess I was wrong. Soon after, my quads protested loudly, my legs felt like heavy tree trunks that did not want to move (and kept cramping up despite plenty of hydration, powerade and S caps along the way) and then my stomach started giving me problems that sent me to the porta potty lines repeatedly. It was a death slog to the finish. Could NOT muster the ability to run even a 12 min mile for several miles. Wow! Lots of lessons today on this course. I run to better myself – to have new experiences. I’m not sad. I learned several things today. No Boston 2013 for me, but I’ll keep tinkering with the training and I do believe I have Boston in my blood and will get there — eventually.

The best part of the day was having my friend April catch up with me in the last mile and finish hand-in-hand, smiling as we crossed the finish line. We both had BQ dreams that didn’t come true today, but having a friend there by my side to the bitter finish brought a silver lining to a pretty difficult day. We’ll both get it, April! I know it! Just not this time.

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  1. Way to go, still finishing even though you knew you were going too slow for your goal. You may not have qualified for the Boston marathon, but you’ve qualified for recognition for a lot of hard work and overall good results from all of your running!

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