Dealing With Taper Madness

Whilst struggling with taper madness today, my adoring husband witnessed my pacing and disgruntled mood and offered to take us on a family outing! He said I could choose the activities, so I chose paddle boating at Julia Davis Park with the five kids, a visit to the nearby playground, a stop at a local fruit stand (where everyone got to choose something yummy and healthy to take home and eat) and Wayne (being the doting Daddy he is) also added in a stop to Fred Meyer’s bakery so the children could choose a special treat (three chose cake pops, one chose a cookie, Wayne and I split a slice of Napolean cream cake and Rebecca chose a chocolate coffee cup!)

It was a lovely family day and it was a wonderful distraction to my taper madness!!!

P.S. Operating a paddle boat is a pretty good workout on the legs!! Mine felt all warmed up and stretched out after half an hour! Niicee!!!

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