Racing Weight – Where Are You?

When I lost 75+ lbs a few years ago, it happened very gradually. I was not one of those who found the pounds just melting off rapidly. In fact there were months I lost just one single pound at a time. I hung in there, kept running and trying to control my portion sizes and slowly but surely the weight loss continued until I had reached a healthy weight. I remember having to repeat to myself this mantra “Just keep doing what you’re doing.” I knew that I’d gained that weight little by little over several years and five pregnancies and it wouldn’t come off overnight either and that if I just kept exercising and eating better the payoff would be there in the end.  And, I was right. It just took a great deal of patience and a lot of sweat and determination!

These days, I’m comfortably within my proper weight zone, but my running goals have gotten more competitive, so I find myself considering my weight again more — trying to trim down to what I refer to as my “racing weight” before major races so that I can do my best.  In the past month, I’ve definitely gotten sloppier with my eating habits, falling into some of the old traps that got me overweight to begin with — too much soda, too many sweets, too many trips through the McDonald’s drive-through for a quick meal — only to regret my actions later when the scale reminds me of the consequences of my overindulgence.  I’ve put on about 4 lbs in the last month. And, the race that I’m hoping to qualify for Boston at is a mere 5 weeks away! This is terrible timing!

I’ve had some personal struggles I’ve been dealing with in the past few months and unfortunately, I turned to junk food as a comfort. It’s a bad excuse, but it happens. Many of us who were overweight at one point developed a relationship with food that was less than healthy on many levels – and being an emotional eater was just one of them! I’m reminded this week that staying trim isn’t going ever going to be “easy.” It’s a battle that I will be fighting for the rest of my life.

So, how am I going to handle this current extra flab that I’m carrying around? I have to look the problem square in the eye and correct the mistakes I’m making in my eating in order to steer this ship back onto the proper course — the course to a healthier future – and hopefully a Boston Qualifying time at my September marathon!!!  I’m ridding the house of the temptation foods, allowing myself only a “cheat” on the weekends (since I tend to have a difficult time banning any foods indefinitely. This has worked well for me in the past.) I’m getting my family on board to help encourage me to stick to my goals and I’m digging out some healthier recipes so that they, too can benefit from my better choices! I can do it! It will take a renewed focus, drinking water throughout the day instead of sipping Coke or Cappuccino, choosing to go for a walk or a bike ride or a run instead of reaching for another helping of whatever is calling my name – but I can lose this 4 lbs again and get back to “racing weight” in time for my marathon!

If you are struggling as well with a few bonus pounds, make your own commitment to renew your focus on your good eating and exercise habits! We can do this together!!!


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  1. When I wanted to lose a few pounds last year, my daughter and I signed up for Really, it was her idea for her goals, but it worked out quite well for me. The system there and the friends I met online (a few, I’m not one of those who adds tons of friends) have been very encouraging. They have great apps for phones and iPads. There is nothing like actually logging your intake regularly throughout the day to help you keep on track. And good for you, losing the weight gradually. Its healthier and tends to stay off better. 🙂

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