Final Prep for the Bruneau Beast

My husband, Wayne and I are race directors and this past weekend he invited me to test drive one of our newest race courses out – a race like no other I’d ever attempted before because much of it takes place on enormous sand dunes at Bruneau State Park in Bruneau, Idaho!  Wayne had me run the 5k course. I raced a 5k a couple of months ago in 22:41.  This took much closer to an hour and a half!!!!! It was that hard! Though, I do admit to being overtaken by the beauty of it all and stopping for a few photos along the way too!

The Brunea Beast as we’ve dubbed it, will take place on August 18th with a 5k, 10k and a 20k option for those who really, really want to get their full money’s worth while racing on the sand dunes! It should be a crazy, fun time for all! Looking forward to it!

For details check out our web site at The Bruneau Beast.

One thought on “Final Prep for the Bruneau Beast

  1. Scary name for a race! 😉 I’ve never even been to the sand dunes. Someone told me once they got bitten by a lot of fleas there, so I stayed away…
    I would probably have signed up for way too many races this summer, if my dear hubby wasn’t such a good coach. It’s still tempting, but we will have done the Emmett sprint tri the weekend before. I don’t recover that quickly.
    Cute skirt, btw.

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