The Story of the Fat Kid Who Became the Fit Kid

















I’ve mentioned my running buddy, Ryan several times on this blog. He’s a good friend, has been a great pacer to me at times and he’s also quite an inspiration.  And, not just because he qualified for Boston the first time he ran a marathon or has broke 24 hours at the 100 mile distance. What inspires me most about Ryan is his amazing weight loss story (and how he’s continued to keep the weight off!)

Just a few short years ago, Ryan was obese. He weighed 318 lbs. He’d been overweight for much of his adult life and as is the case for many who find themselves in that situation — likely would have continued on that path with an increased chance of developing long-term health problems like diabetes, heart disease or a drastic reduction in lifespan.

But, Ryan realized that he did hold the power to change the direction his life was headed and he made the difficult choices to change who he was and become the man he was meant to be! He started eating right, exercising regularly and turned the tide of his destiny! Ryan lost 135 lbs in 11 months and has continued to work hard to stay fit and healthy and be an example to others (including me) to do the same.

Today he shared on his blog about his journey, along with some great before and after photos that really do tell the story even better than words ever could! I hope you’ll stop by his blog and hear what he has to say and get inspired as well!


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    • I’m proud to call you my friend, Ryan! You’re a wonderful example to everyone you meet!!! I showed the kids some of your old pictures last night and they were speechless. They didn’t recognize you at all. They were all really impressed by how far you’ve come! So am I!

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