Marathon Mama meets Ultra Marathon Man

Tonight was a really special night for me! I got to meet one of my ultra running heroes! Like countless others, I was first inspired to run long distances when I read Dean Karnazes’ book, Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner
a few years ago. When I found out that he’d be coming to Shu’s Running Company here in Boise, I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to meet Karno!

My husband and I showed up to find the shoe store packed with people listening to Dean speak! I found a comfy spot and was able to sit back and enjoy listening to him share some of his secrets – like what exactly did he hallucinate about during Badwater?! An old miner begging for water! What kind of shoes did he prefer? His answer “I could run in clogs and be just fine since I was blessed with good bio mechanics, so most shoes work just fine for me!”  What was his worst running injury? His answer, “I have lost toenails, but that’s the worst of it. I have never had an injury!” Wow! What is his resting heart rate? About 39. He mentioned that he had ran many marathons in the 3:30 time range and his heart rate was an average of about 100 for those since his body had adapted so well!!

When questioned about who he looked up to and admired, his answer was, “My Dad! He was a great golfer and took that talent and helped inner city youth learn to love the sport! I want to give back the way he did!” My favorite one was when my husband, Wayne asked him, “What is your favorite race that you’ve done and why?”  Dean said, “A 10k. I’m sure many of you are thinking, “A 10k??”, but it’s true. It was a 10k with my daughter on her 10th birthday. I was crying so much during it, I could hardly see the course!”  I though that was the sweetest answer I could have imagined! What a great guy!

After his talk, we all were given posters and waited in line to get a chance to shake his hand, get our posters and books signed and get pictures with him. It was definitely worth the wait! I was so shy when my turn came, I almost couldn’t talk at all. He signed my poster and Run!: 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss
book, “To Christine,” I was much too bashful to tell him that my name is actually Christie.  I was also really surprised that he and I stood nearly eye-to-eye! I’m not quite 5’3″ and didn’t realize that he was about my size!

I’m so glad I got to meet him! I’m sure I’ll be telling my five kids about this story for years — the night Mom got to meet Dean Karnazes!  And, the story will begin, “Remember when people used to call me Christie? That was before the night I met Dean Karnazes and I became Christine….” lol

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