A Little Surprise

I have had a fairly hectic week getting things ready to co-direct Lake Lowell Marathon with my husband this Saturday.  When I checked the mail and found this little award I must have won at Antelope Island Buffalo run last month, it made me smile and reminded me that even though it’s a lot of work on this side of putting on an event, for those racers on the other side, it could be a life-changing day –the day many of them will run their first marathon, half, 10k or 5k or set a new PR! 🙂 I’m looking forward to setting the stage up so many of them can make their dreams come true!!!!! Happy racing!!!

3 thoughts on “A Little Surprise

  1. I was just thinking that this morning while visiting with Kaylee. Her 1st 5k is on Saturday too, I hope she has the time of her life and keeps coming back for more! As runners, we take a lot of the hard work and long hours those who put these things on go through for granted. Things will go great tomorrow!!

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