Beat Coach Pete 5k

I have been hoping to do this race for a few years. Boise State University football Coach, Chris Peterson does this 5k each year to help raise scholarship money for the college. The idea is to try to run the event faster than the coach so you can earn one of the coveted “I Beat Pete” t-shirts to show off to all your friends. If you don’t beat Pete you get a shirt that says, “I’ll beat Pete next year” which is pretty fun! I’m a BSU alumni, so this was on my “must do” list!

There were over 2500 entrants this year! The mood was festive and fun at the start. Wayne and I got a picture with the BSU Bronco mascot. I also bumped into quite a few pals and got to mingle and say hello. The temperature was chilly but perfect for a race. There was just a slight breeze, it was sunny and beautiful.

I tried to get placed somewhere towards the front – maybe 8 rows back, but once the start happened it was mostly a push/shove shuffle and then really difficult to find room to stretch out and get to my pace for the entire first mile. I kept thinking it would spread out, but there were little kids, strollers and even a motorized wheelchair right in the front pack to get around. I had my shins and shoes stepped on and I accidentally almost knocked a man over as we all tried to move ahead to our own pace. I ended up just easing back since there was no real way to get ahead since even the grass on both sides of the greenbelt was totally wall-to-wall people. By mile 2, things had spread out some and I was able to settle into the pace I’d intended (around 7:25-7:30). That felt good!! It was fun to be running with a nice group at that point all going about the same pace and I enjoyed myself a lot.

By the time we came off the greenbelt and I could see the Bronco stadium, I was pretty excited. BSU is famous for it’s blue “Smurf Turf” football field and I was excited that the race finished inside the stadium. I was surprised to see the finish line so soon after we entered. I’d assumed we still had a ways to go and would have to make a loop around the track, so I didn’t get into full sprint mode before the finish line, but it was still a lot of fun. I was super pumped when one of the volunteers wrote a black X on my hand signifying I had in fact, Beat Coach Pete and was deserving of the prized t-shirt! Wooo hoo!!!!

Fun day!!

Finish time: 22:40  Pete’s time? Not sure, but pretty sure it was something around 30 minutes. I heard he high-fived those who finished after him! What a great guy!

Elevation Gain: 58 feet (just two bridges -everything else was flat.) Average HR: 167 Max HR: 240!!! The interesting thing is that my average heart rate for mile 3 was only 129, like my body had adjusted to the faster pace. Sweet! I’m even more excited since this is exactly 3 weeks to the day of my 100 mile race! I guess I’m recovered!

When I got back home, the kids were excited to hear I’d accomplished my goals for the day (to beat Coach Pete and to run a 5k in about the time of my McMillan Predictor for being on pace for a BQ in the fall – which was 23:03.) I heard my 9 year old son say as I walked outside, “That is soo cool our Mom can beat the BSU football coach, huh?”  That made my whole day!

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