To Wayne’s Work and Back

My friend, Ryan shared this on Facebook today and it fit so well with my story, I borrowed it. Thanks, Ryan!! 

My husband, Wayne moved our family to Boise four months ago to be closer to his job. In the past few months, as he’s worked to get in shape and start running, too, it occurred to him that he could start running to work and back sometimes. He asked me if I’d mind “running him to work” a day or two a week and I thought that sounded like a fun idea. Today, he drove to work, but I decided to try the idea out, just to get a rough idea of how many miles exactly the run would be and how long it would take to do.

The weather is insanely gorgeous today!!!! 53 degrees, sunny, blue skies, breezy. I decided to run comfortably and just enjoy the day. I had no other goals. I greeted all the dog-walkers and other runners I saw with a friendly, “Good morning!” I passed an adorable, gray-haired couple who were snuggled up together, walking arm in arm, like a fine gentleman with his adoring lady and it just made me happy! The sweetest lovers of all, to me, are those who’ve lived a lifetime together and who still gaze at one another like they’re crazy in love after all those years.

After 2 miles of a mixture of trail and Greenbelt, I reached the Boise River. I just slowed down and walked for a minute, closing my eyes and listening to the rushing waters. The birds were singing their love songs so sweetly to one another. I could hear the wind as it rustled through the trees and tall, dry grasses nearby.

Spring has always been my favorite season and today all of my senses were reminded why I adore it so much! I picked up the pace again, running comfortably along the trail, enjoying the morning, taking in deep breaths of the crisp, soul-cleansing fresh air!

I had to leave the path and hop onto the sidewalk to head towards Wayne‘s job. That was not as much fun, having to stop at stoplights, have cars HONK at me when I was running on the shoulder when the sidewalk ended, dodging people on their strolls out for lunch on the sidewalk and having to listen to the whizzing of the traffic. Back, when I lived in Nampa, most of my miles were exactly like those, though, so it made me thankful that I have the option here in Boise to run on the Greenbelt or on the trails and have an entirely peaceful experience instead!

I hit the front door of Wayne‘s work just about 6 miles into the run. That’s when I realized I had no way to contact him and tell him I was there, since I had left my cell phone at home and there is a security person guarding the entrance, who requires a special badge to get in. Oh well. Next time, we’ll just come together! 🙂

I turned around and headed back (into the 10 mph winds) and decided at mile 9 that I’d like to push my pace a bit and see if I could run a BQ marathon-paced mile just for the heck of it. That would be an 8:35 or better for my age/gender. It went better than expected, since it was an 8:02. I took a little walk break after that, as I walked along the Boise River again, feeling proud of myself. I was fatigued by this point and most of the uphill climbing comes in the final 3 miles of this route (about 300 feet of gain.)

There’s a monster hill on the trail near my home that just kicks my butt! I’ve taken several friends on it and those pals will know which one I am talking about. I have NEVER made it up that hill without taking a walk break before, though I have done it several times in the last 4 months. So, I decided that no matter how SLOW my pace was, I would run Every Single Step of it today!!!!! (It’s 127 feet of climb in about 2/10 of a mile or so.) I ran on my toes. I pushed. My quads BURNED in protest!! I glanced at the Garmin and saw I was going a blazing 15:00 min pace (hehe). I kept it up. I wanted to walk, but I did not!!!! A cute, little bunny hopped across the path when I was nearly at the top, distracting me from the exertion temporarily. At the top, I just gasped out, “YES!! I did it!!!! I DID IT!!” I was so proud of myself!!! I took another little walk break at the top and then ran comfortably the rest of the way home.

It was a great run! In the end, I’d call it more of a tempo workout! It kicked my butt, but it was fun!!!

Mile 1: 8:46 pace ave HR: 190
Mile 2: 8:37 pace ave HR: 166
Mile 3: 10:00 pace ave HR: 151 (walk break)
Mile 4: 9:15 pace ave HR: 160
Mile 5: 8:50 pace ave HR: 167
Mile 6: 8:50 pace ave HR: 169
Mile 7: 9:13 pace ave HR: 171
Mile 8: 8:55 pace ave HR: 169
Mile 9: 8:02 pace ave HR: 180
Mile 10: 9:36 pace ave HR: 178 (walk break recovery)
Mile 11: 9:27 pace ave HR: 178
Mile 12: 9:34 pace ave HR: 180 (127 foot of climb – the hill of death – + walk break at top)
Last .08 – 7:02 pace ave HR: 186

Felt: Happy, pretty strong, but not as strong as I need to be yet. 🙂

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