Scooby Dooby Doo Where are YOU?!!

The skies were blue, temperatures were in the high 50’s, so I put on some shorts and met up with my best friend, Bertha and her dog, Scooby Doo and we headed out to the Owyhee Mountains for some fun on the trails! It was such a beautiful day! It felt like SPRING!

Bertha and Scooby Doo

We had one thing on our minds today: Enjoying the beauty of nature! We took our time, savored the views, stopping to really appreciate what we were seeing, the only thing breaking the perfect silence of the hills was our comfortable conversation and laughter.

About 4 miles into the run, Bertha’s dog, Scooby Doo took off like a rocket up the side of a really steep hill in the opposite direction of where we were heading. I asked her if her usually came back when he did that and she said he did. So, we kept moving on the trail, calling out his name, figuring when he was done chasing whatever had caught his attention he’d come back. Fifteen minutes later, we started to worry. We kept calling, “Scooby!!!!!!” “SCOOOOBY.” But, we saw no sign of him. Finally, we headed up the same hill trying to go after him and find him. It was a pretty steep hike! I heard Bertha gasp when she reached the top. There were deer on the other side! So, that’s what the dog had been after! But, we looked back and forth and saw no sign of the elusive Scooby, so, when the deer pranced off across the hills, we decided to follow them and see if we, would also end up finding the lost dog. We kept calling his name as we went and I was starting to worry. It was getting closer to sunset and neither of us had a headlamp, so I figured we had to find the dog in the next hour or we’d be wandering the hills in the dark.

Once we’d climbed yet another summit, we came across about thirty deer. It was a lovely sight!!! Just then, Scooby came running up, mouth foaming from the effort from behind us! Whew!!! He was safe!!! And, really thirsty! Bertha gave him plenty of water from her Nathan and we headed back on our adventure.

It wasn’t long before we came to the beautiful, jagged edges of the cliffs, high above Wilson Creek. Bertha and I love running the 10 mile loop down there and it was amazing to be up so high that the path looked miniature below. We could hear the far-away sounds of the bubbling water and see the tiny ribbon weaving it’s way through the red canyon. We stood on the edge of the cliff, taking in the spectacular view of the valley below and the mountains that ringed it as far as the eye could see. Bertha and I started noticing landmarks like the Sugar beet factory in Nampa. It looked so tiny from up there! We could see several towns all at once from our viewpoint and it was just an overwhelming feeling to be that high up.

We finished up our run, high-fived as we always do when we’ve accomplished another great, epic run and then headed back home. Scooby sat politely in the back of my Suburban, calm and worn down from our shared adventure.

Elevation Gain: 1,798 feet. Average HR: 121. Felt: Happy and in AWE of the Owyhee mountains and the spell they cast on me every time I come back!!!!

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