A Run with My Best Friend

I’ve known Bertha since we were 6 years old. I have memories of us playing together at recess when we were little kids and I always loved her zest for life and her contagious laugh! We’re both 39 now, but when we run together, it still feels like we’re a couple of school kids on the playground — and she still knows how to make me laugh so hard I have to cross my legs so I don’t pee myself!

Here’s Bertha and I’s 4th Grade Class picture. She’s in the pink dress, sitting in the second row from the bottom, right in the center. I’m one row above her, second from the right, in the blue dress with the Farrah Fawcett “wings” hairstyle. Long live 1981!

When I moved to Boise in November to be closer to the Boise foothills and the running community, I gained so much that has helped me towards my running dreams — but I left behind something really, really special — my best friend. We’re only about an hour apart now — but it feels like a billion miles sometimes. When we made plans to sneak away from our busy lives and meet in the middle for a run today, I could not wait to hug her neck and catch up on all the gossip we’ve missed sharing with each other!

We had the most wonderful time! We met in Eagle around 5 pm and ran the gorgeous, tree-lined dirt trail along the Boise River. The smell of soil and crisp leaves, the crispness of the winter air and the sight of ducks sitting precariously on the frozen ponds along the path just took my breath away! We giggled, we laughed, we hugged, we ran and we enjoyed each other’s company and we took our sweet time, wanting to savor each and every minute together.

After about four miles, the sun had set. It started to get dark and neither of us had brought along our headlamps. Every shadow seemed to be a weirdo lurking in the bushes and we jumped at every bird or cat that disturbed the darkness! We were startled when we heard barking on the path ahead but could see nothing. It turned out to be two very large, very angry dogs who were blocking the path and feeling territorial. We both went into sweet talk mode and tried to convince them we were safe and to let us by. Thankfully, though the biggest one growled and came right up to me, they both let us get by. Whew!!!

The moon was so bright in the night sky above. The stars were twinkling and it was pure heaven to be with someone who’s known me so long and knows me so well – and still LIKES me anyways! Thank you, Bertha, for a really fun evening run!

Ave HR: 120. Felt: Really HAPPY!

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