Chasing My Two Waynes

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I’ve been dying to run at Table Rock for ages! It’s this huge hill, with an entirely flat top, with a cross that shines at night for miles. Back when I was going to BSU and used to do a little bit of running, I would often run facing that cross in the dark and wonder about it. Back then I never went up to it, either. I wasn’t totally sure of the way and it never occurred to me back then to run on trails. So, it was pretty cool today to finally get to head up there with my 11 year old son, Wayne Jr. and my husband and see it firsthand.

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I will admit right away that it’s harder than I expected! It’s a pretty steep climb up and it’s fairly technical, but I truly enjoyed myself! My son is preparing for his first trail race, which he is doing with his daddy, Wayne, next Saturday. I’m very proud of both of them for working really hard to get ready for this tough 10 miler! They were both doing an awesome job kicking some booty out there today!

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Jr made me laugh a ton when he’d run downhill, since he runs like ME — “woo hooing” and squealing the whole way. He’s kind of like that Geiko little piggy on those commercials “Wee Wee WEEEE!” 😀

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I do admit to feeling the sudden urge to take off like a lunatic in the last mile when the path was less technical and had a nice, gentle downhill. I just relaxed into the descent and found my legs churning, passing groups of walkers who screamed as I flew by them like a super hero (or some mean old crazy lady who had no respect for others.) I’m sticking with super hero, though! I heard one gasp and say, “Oh my WORD! How does she DO that?!” I passed another man heading uphill on a snowy section of the trail and he said, “CAREFUL! Don’t fall!” and I just grinned! I have fallen on trails many times, but only ONCE on a downhill when I was going crazy fast and that’s when I hit a patch of black ice two years ago. It hasn’t happened since.

I hit the car and then headed back up the trail to find my fellas. It was a good run! It was fun to be out in the daylight again!!! I even brought the camera!!!!! And, just for the record, I let Jr lead us the first 4 miles and the last .25 mile when I caught up with them again, so I don’t think he cared that much about my crazy insanity when I took off a bit no matter what my husband claims! hehe

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1,075 feet of gain. 127 average HR. 189 Max HR.

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  1. You so make me want to run trails right now….as in, the boys are in bed, it is icy and cold…..

    and you all look like you are having fun!!!!

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