Homeschool Recess

I promised the five kids we could visit the park in our neighborhood if they focused and did well on their schoolwork this morning. The older three rode their bikes, the 6 year old held my hand and walked and the 4 year old rode her tricycle. Savannah, the youngest, quickly put me in my place, too, “Mama, I want you to be behind me, ok?” So, that’s where I stayed — hot on the three wheels of her little, red tricycle for the 3/4 of a mile to the park. No matter how slow you think you walk at a comfortable pace, just trust me when I tell you walking behind a 4 year old on a trike is quite a bit slower than that!!!!

Her zest for life was pretty contagious. She said, “Ohhhh, look at the pretty sunshine, Mama! This is a great day for a bike ride!” She’d stop and stare – at the trees, a cat, the dog doo on the trail, the manhole cover, the clod of dirt she was sure was much too big to ride over. 4 year olds are full of questions, enthusiasm and time. They are never in a hurry the way we grownups are.

The kids enjoyed the time at the park and I walked laps around the swingsets before taking a ride on the swings myself – letting the warm sun kiss my cheeks and the light breeze blow my long hair back from my face, my legs pumping hard as I rose higher and higher towards the big blue sky, clear and wide like the ocean before me.

Guess who ended up pushing the trike back home when running sounded more fun than riding? Savannah actually offered to let me ride it myself. I don’t think my rear end would fit in that tiny seat, but it was nice of her to offer…..

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