Let’s Play in the Mud!!!

Ohhh the fun and games my friends and I have on our trail runs!!! Today was no exception when I went with my buddy, Michelle. It was dark out when we first started and the darkness gave way bit by bit to the light as we made our way into the hills. About two miles in, I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and turned to see five deer gracefully running through the tall grass just about thirty feet from us. Michelle and I just stopped and watched, smiling at being in such a magical place so early in the morning.

Around mile 4, we encountered an older gentleman and his two big dogs out for a morning walk. Unfortunately, one of the dogs decided I was the devil in disguise and went for me, barking and snarling at me like it had gone crazy! It wasn’t on a leash, so I thought it was going to bite me. Yikes!!!!! Thankfully, the owner called it back and it obeyed, but I was a little shaken for a bit.

It snowed yesterday and rained during the night, so the trails were a bit sloppy in places. Towards the end we found the messiest one of all!!! It was crazy, muddy and slippery and even had long stretches of ice! Sections of it were uphill, which made the journey even that much more of a challenge. Michelle was ahead of me, grasping at the weeds on the sides of the trail as she was slipping and sliding along. I was right behind her, clinging to the bushes for dear life, pretty sure that our luck couldn’t last! And, just like that – our luck ran out and Michelle slipped and landed on her bum! We both burst out giggling! She was having to much fun playing in the mud, I thought she was going to suggest we wrestle or make mud pies! 🙂 She (like her independent husband) wouldn’t let me help her up and before long we were back at the car, laughing about today’s great adventure!

672 feet of elevation gain today. Average HR: 110.

I have only one concern right now — the muddy trails!!!!! 🙁 It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow and Friday. My big, epic, way-cool-way-to-end the year run is planned for Friday and if the trails are as sloppy as they were today, it could be a total mess. I will cross my fingers that they dry out enough so I can do what I need to do…..

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