Snow Run!!!

What a blast! On the drive to the trail head today, I noticed the first snowflakes of December. By the time I arrived a half an hour later, the flakes were coming down nice and soft and steady in my headlights! I couldn’t stop smiling! It was a little late for Christmas, but today is my Mom’s 57th birthday, so I figured it was just a nice, little way for the heaven’s to wish her a happy one!
I arrived at the trail head first (woo hoo!!!) which meant I had the chance to take a quick potty break before the others arrived, which is always a bonus! When Ryan A. and Mike showed up, we headed out into the Boise Foothills for our morning snow run! I was pumped to be testing out two new pieces of gear I got for Christmas — a Black Diamond Storm headlamp (which totally rocked, by the way with it’s mighty brightness) and a new Nathan Quickdraw handheld, which fit like a glove and holds 22 oz, vs the 12 oz one I’ve been using.
It was fun being the first to make tracks in the freshly fallen snow. It was quiet and lovely and still. Just the sound of three pairs of running shoes crunch crunching our way up the mountain side, with the hazy pinkish black of a snowy sky above our heads before the sun rose.
I enjoyed running with Mike again! We’re a very similar pace match and we hadn’t ran together in a couple months, so this was a nice chance to catch up. Ryan was as entertaining as always and kept me giggling with his silly stand up comedy routines about midgets he seems to have memorized!!! It was a lot of fun! I tried to catch snowflakes on my tongue and just enjoyed the moments that I stood and watched the snowflakes gently falling from the sky in the light of my headlamp. I felt at peace, happy to be in the moment with good friends before the new day had fully come….
Can’t wait to get the kids up now and show them the SNOW!!!!!
Stats: 8.17 miles. 1:36 total time. 11:48 average pace. Average HR: 154 Max HR: 218 Elevation Gain: 1,429 feet. Felt: REALLY HAPPY!!!!

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