The Barbed Wire Tried to Attack Us!

It’s a series of small miracles that I’m sitting here, right now, able to type this epic story up. Between the insane, freezing 30 mph winds that made me want to curl up in a ball and become a human popsicle, the steep, rocky reservoir bed that nearly tripped me (oh wait – I DID fall today!) and the barbed wire fences that tried to rip my clothing to shreds, I’m surprised I even made it out alive!!!!!!!

Ok, I’m exaggerating a teensy weensy bit. Just a smidge! My friend, Michelle and I headed out to Turner Gulch boat launch at Lucky Peak Reservoir this crisp, blustery morning for a little running adventure. My first thrill of the day was spotting a bathroom in the parking lot, THEN finding a magazine near the throne to help me relax while I peed. So thoughtful of the last person! Too bad it was a hunting magazine and I hate guns! No matter. It was a thoughtful gesture nonetheless!

The first part of the trail is awesome – firm, not very technical – a total pleasure cruise surrounded by majestic mountains, blue skies and breathtaking views of sagebrush covered hillsides. That part lasts for about a quarter of a mile. Then, the crazy stuff starts!!!!

Michelle and I tried to climb OVER a fence standing between our path and the path on the other side, but that didn’t quite work. It was barbed wire and I’m a total midget, so it just wasn’t happening without some serious physical damage I wasn’t going to inflict on my nether regions! So, we walked up the fenceline and I tried to recall how my pals and I’d gotten to the other side on Sunday. It’s still a mystery! We tried separating the lines of barbed wire and crawling through, but that didn’t quite go as planned either. We both have some awesome snags on our jackets and pants to show for it, though! Hardcore, baby!!!!

After that, we decided to venture out on our own and explore a little on some game trails and along the graded layers of the reservoir that are now exposed since the water level is so low! It’s so beautiful down there and there are so many lost treasures!!!! I found a cute bikini bottom!!!!!! I’ll bet SOMEONE was missing that a few months ago when it floated to the bottom of the lake! hehe. We also found rusty plyers, a pair of flip flops, a torn inner tube, you get the idea — LOST TREASURE GALORE!

Exploring the game trails was pretty fun, too! Michelle was like Lewis or Clark leading me onward on these itty bitty, trails made by the deer that live in this area. It was steep and narrow, but really fun and COLD! We made our way through plenty of sagebrush and every time we’d go through, I’d catch a wiff of that wonderful, outdoorsy scent I love so much!

Great conversation! Great company! Good fun! We nearly died when we saw after all that hard work and freezing our fingers and faces off that we’d only gone 3 miles! It was such a crazy route we both swore it felt more like 10 miles!!!!!!!

Elevation gain: 209 feet. Average HR: 113. Max HR: 184 (when I tried to run to warm up my frozen body!!!)

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