World’s Most Adventurous Trail Run

I’m holding a jaw bone. Well, alright, I can’t actually type and hold a jaw bone, but it’s right here on my desk and I can’t wait to show the kids! That was fast! The 6 year old just came in and spotted the awesome find and ran off to show the others what Mama found on her run this morning! I’m a nice Mom. I try to bring home souvenirs from time to time for the children. hehe.

Today was an adventure unlike any I’ve had yet in my trail running life! Randy never disappoints when he sets up a run somewhere new! He was the first to show me Lucky Peak (and just happened to plan that first run on a day that the bird observering scientists were at the top releasing small birds back into the wild after studying them for awhile. I and several other runners that day were all able to hold these beautiful little birds and then release them into the air! It was magical!) Randy also first brought me to the Dry Creek trail, which is still one of my favorite spots for practicing my water crossings repeatedly, while feeling lost in the Boise Foothills. Today was, perhaps the crowning achievement in Randy‘s trail sharing adventures! It was EPIC!

9 of us (and one super star Golden Retriever) met up early this morning at Lucky Peak Reservoir at the Turner Gulch boat launch area and embarked on an adventure like no other. It was hard from the start! There was LOTS of climbing and lots of scrambling up the sides of mountains, through brush, past scratchy brambles, across frozen streams, past the most beautiful frozen waterfall, down into Lucky Peak Reservoir, where the water is so low, we were walking along the graded edges normally only the fish would see. It was amazing!!!!! So many times I said, “I wish I’d brought my camera!” We saw hawks, many deer bounding up and down the hillsides, we climbed so high, we were looking down on the reservoir we’d been in. It was beautiful in the early morning light! The sun was bold and bright early in our journey. It warmed us beautifully, even as we ran on the snow covered game trails (or made our own cross country!) We had to duck down and scoot under barbed wire fences!!!!! My friends, Mark, Tom, April and I went cross country and ended up way high above it all, with a few deer just 30 feet away and then climbed to this amazing huge rock pile at the tallest peak! It made me wonder who put it there – what it represented ….or who’s dead body was UNDER it! It was all part of the fun and games!

I had a blast! It was hard! I had awesome conversations with Otto (who I will also mention was a shining example of chivalry to the ladies when he stopped at the top of one of the hardest uphill scrambles and helped us gals get up the final steep section – thank you, Otto!), Mark, April, Jenny, Sparkle, Tom, Billie and Randy. It was a wonderful group!!! We moved fast (despite what our final pace seems like) and it was a great workout for the body, soul and mind! I can’t wait to go back!

Oh! And, the jaw bone! I think Randy found that wolf ? jaw bone somewhere around mile 4 and offered it to me! Of course, I took it and grinned, thinking how happy my kids would be to check it out when I got back home!

I can’t wait to go back (and bring a camera!)

Ok, now for some geek stuff to really show you what today’s run was like! Notice the elevation gain and loss AND my heart rate to give you an idea of what today was like!!!!

Mile 1: 18:07 pace. 454 ft gain. Ave HR: 171 Max HR: 244 (1st mile is always wonky with HR!)
Mile 2: 21:18 pace. 555 ft gain. Ave HR: 166 Max HR: 181
Mile 3: 16:01 pace. 112 ft gain. Ave HR: 160 Max HR: 211 Elevation Loss: 496 ft
Mile 4: 18:36 pace. 0 ft gain. Ave HR: 147 Max HR: 211 Elevation Loss: 645 ft
Mile 5: 29:16 pace. 341 ft gain. Ave HR: 145 Max HR: 173
Mile 6: 29:52 pace. 863 ft gain. Ave HR: 161 Max HR: 176
Mile 7: 11:16 pace. 0 ft gain. Ave HR: 170 Max HR: 206 Elevation Loss: 316 ft
Mile 8: 23:20 pace. 0 ft gain. Ave HR: 147 Max HR: 188 Elevation Loss: 558 ft
Last .40 mile – 10:19 pace. 0 ft gain. Ave HR: 137. Max HR: 171. Elevation Loss: 342.

Overall elevation gain: 2,372 feet Best pace: 5:54. Max Elevation Reached: 4,258 feet. Average moving pace: 17:18 pace. Wore my new, spiked, Inov-8 Mudroc shoes and thought they did awesome on the rugged terrain, the ice, the snow, the sandy, steep, rocky, trails, etc.! Good shoes!

Average HR for the entire run: 156 – Right where I hoped it would land. Happy with that.

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