Michelle’s Birthday Run

My friend Michelle had a couple of birthday wishes: a trail run and lunch at Olive Garden! Of course, as good buddies, Andrea S. and I had to make her dreams comes true, so we took her running in the Owyhee Mountains today on the course Michelle will race in a few weeks at the Wilson Creek Frozen 50k (there are also distances of 20 miles and 10 miles at the race.) Last year, Michelle ran this course and she’d saved the run as a course on her Garmin. Just this past Saturday, she headed out there and ran it, hoping to better her time -and did so by several minutes!!!! So, today’s goal was to better that time even more as her personal birthday goal! She was awesome, pushing hard and having fun out there amongst the wild horses (which we saw twice on the run today), jack rabbits and sagebrush! Despite, my frequent need for cute birthday, trail running pictures and her cell phone ringing with birthday wishes — she did in fact, beat her last two times on this course! Woo hoo for a new personal best for Michelle!!!!

In fact, our “moving time” today was 3:00:10, which is pretty impressive, indeed! Way to go, Michelle! Lunch at Olive Garden afterwords was just the final touch we needed to a perfect “girl day.” 🙂

Elevation gain: 1,449 feet. Especially enjoyed crossing the FROZEN streams today! So cool! Ave heart rate: 121. Max HR: 168.

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