Stop Shooting at Me!!!

Woke up before the sun rose to get the dishes and laundry caught up, so I could get in a run this morning. Donned the ever-loving thermal underwear and warm gloves and warm headband that keeps my ears toasty. Didn’t head out until the kids had all woken and had breakfast, then I was off onto my adventure on the Oregon Trail by myself!

I cannot say enough good things about Garmin Forerunners and their ability to allow you to download a course from a friend so you can follow a bread crumb trail on the little screen and do the exact run without getting lost! I love how the watch beeps at me if I get even a hundred feet off course, so I can correct quickly and keep running. It gives me real peace of mind when I’m out exploring in a new area like I was today.

I headed from my house to the trails close by (less than 2/10 of a mile to the first one!) I settled in and enjoyed the views of the Boise foothills, the wide, open plains, the Boise River down below, the jagged cliffs and rocks, the black canyons, the miles and miles of sagebrush. It’s lovely – like something out of an old western movie! You fully expect to see cowboys and Indians battling it out before your eyes out here in the wild, wild west!

Now, there was some shooting today, but it wasn’t in a movie! It was real and it was aimed straight at ME! The only people I encountered today on my run were hunters. I passed 3 different ones on my way to Bonneville Point. One was hunting near his white pickup, another was a wrinkled, dusty old man, driving slowly in his 4 wheel drive loaded down with hunting dogs and rifles who looked surprised to see a runner on his hunting road. The third was on foot and came up over a hill just as I was running up it. I think we surprised each other a bit. I had turned the music on my smart phone on and stuck it in the back of my Nathan pack, so I could enjoy some tunes while I ran today. The only problem with that is I am unable to quickly get to the phone or get my gloves off to activate the touch screen to actually turn the music OFF. When I was spotted the fella, George Michael was crooning at me about how he wanted my sex (yeah, the liar, liar was fooling all of us back in the 80’s when we young, pre-teen girls really did think George was singing right to us – and not the good looking football players bringing their girlfriends to the concerts – who knew?!) Anyways..I panicked and started thinking, “Please don’t be a pervert! Please don’t be a pervert!” He was over six foot tall, burly and bearded and I decided the best way to handle our socially awkward moment was to blast right up that hill past him as fast as I could and that’s just what I did. Thank heavens, he didn’t give me one of those lopsided hillbilly grins and spit tobacco juice while smoothly saying,” Mmmmm doggies!! I found me a GIRL out here today!”

The last hunter I did encounter turned out to be a heckofua lot more dangerous than the gun-toting hillbilly I’d ran past. It was at about mile 12 of my run. I was wayyyy out on the trails, far from any signs of life. I kept hearing a “pop, pop.. pause… pop.” I couldn’t figure out what it was at first. Then, I turned my head and saw a hunter way down the hill, aiming and SHOOTING right at ME! I started flailing my arms (with white gloves) for him to STOP! I had on a bright pink headband/ear warmer, but the rest of my clothes were gray and black, so I must have been a bit hard to see. The hunter looked stunned, threw his gun in his truck and took off like a rocket out of there. IDIOT! I’ll be more careful next time and wear that awesome neon yellow safety running vest my Daily Mile pal, Andrea S. gave me! I think a yellow hat might be going on the Christmas wish list too! Yeesh!!!

All in all a good run.

Stats: 16.44 miles. 3:26 total time. 12:35: average pace. 1,340 feet of elevation gain. Somewhat technical, rocky, trail today. Average heart rate: 152. Max HR: 185. Felt: Ok

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