Moms on the Trails

Oh, glorious sunshine, how I love thee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today’s run was pure heaven. About 30 degrees, beautiful blue skies, views of Boise below and the trails practically to ourselves!

I showed up to the trail head FIRST again today!!! Someone sell me a lottery ticket – quick! I’m on fire here, baby!!! YES!!! I beat two Andersons to the trail head in one week! It will likely never happen again, so I officially declare the rest of today as Christie Rocks Day to commemorate it! 🙂 haha. I hope my bursting into a funky touchdown dance, complete with chicken wing flapping and neck bobbing when Michelle showed up literally seconds after I pulled into the parking lot won’t dissuade her from running with me in the future, but I had to celebrate appropriately!

I appreciate my runs with Michelle so much! Aside from the beloved sunshine and views I get to see (versus my usual total darkness, early morning runs), the laid back conversations, the gentler pace and the companionship of running side-by-side instead of in single file all make for a really fun time. 🙂 Though, I enjoy running with my guy pals a lot, running with a gal pal allows me to venture into conversations about such varied topics as “first bras”, “husbands and the annoying things they say and do” and “childbirth.” These things and the understandings that only another stay-at-home Mom of many (Michelle is mother to four) has about many things really do my soul some good.

I was so worn down yesterday that my husband came home to find me hardly able to keep my eyes open, complaining of exhaustion, feeling weak and worn down, etc. I asked him to take me out to a nice dinner and ordered some delicious babyback ribs, smashed potatoes and coleslaw and bite-by-bite, I came back to life again! It was a reminder that I need to be more thoughtful about eating enough protein and keeping my calories up as I train harder. I have a tendency to get low on iron, especially, so that’s something I’m going to be more careful about in the future. Last night, after our dinner, I even purchased some multi-vitamins to help ensure I’m getting enough of the nutrients my body needs. I even found one that also had spinach, kale, berries, etc in the pills in addition to the usual vitamins and minerals. I figure it can’t hurt and could work as insurance when I’m not eating as healthfully as I should.

I feel great again today. Hopefully the rest of the runs this week will go as well and I’m back to full strength!

Stats: 7 miles. Total time: 2 Hours. Average pace: 17:15. Elevation Gain: 1,035 feet. Felt: Totally AWESOME!

P.S. On the way home, I stopped by the library to pick up Heart Rate Training – a book I’d put on hold and am pretty pumped to read and learn from! NOW, to dive into those moving boxes and FIND the heart rate strap so I can actually put some of this new knowledge I’m about to acquire to work for me! 🙂

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