Zapped the Zero with Ryan

Enjoyed getting in some early morning trail time near the house this morning. The city lights (and a few Christmas lights in the distance) made things really pretty and the most exciting moment came when Ryan A. and I came running along the path and realized it ended abruptly with a steep cliff of at least a couple hundred feet to the road below! That would have been an unwelcome “good morning and how do you do.” 🙂

One final note and life lesson (that other trail gals can learn from) – if your male running buddy trips on the crazy volcanic rocks sticking up, do not, I repeat, do NOT show concern unless a bone is sticking out or offer a hand for them to get back up. Dudes do not like being treated like chicks (or one of your children) and you should just act aloof like they do when YOU fall. hehe. I’ll keep learning these little tricks and eventually, I’ll be as calloused and unemotional as a man, I’m pretty certain! I will now go practice saying, “Shake it off, man! No big deal.” for the next incident. Maybe I’ll practice belching the alphabet, too. I WILL learn the social dos and don’ts of running with boys! 🙂

Stats: 6.27 miles. 11:44 average pace. 1:13 total time. Elevation Gain: 468 feet of climb today.

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