Yoga for the Kid in All of Us DVD

Chaz, the yoga dude never lets me down. I wish I could find a grown-up version of this on DVD. I’m feeling a bit tired and sore in the quads from yesterday’s run. I knew some yoga would help loosen things up and make me feel better. Now, this particular DVD is set up for a parent and a child to do together (or in my case, for siblings to pair up while Mom pairs up with one child normally.) It’s a lot of fun and a great way to introduce your children to yoga in a fun way! I will admit, that Chaz takes several “breaks” in the workout to do silly skits and such to make the kids laugh. My kids adore that part though I prefer to skip through it when doing it solo, since seeing him dressed as Elvis or having his toes talk to one another CAN get old (hehe.)

I did 3/4 of today’s yoga solo. The stretching felt like what my body was seeking. Towards the end, my 6 year old joined me. I love how in child’s pose, they have the grownup do the regular pose, while the child lays across the back of Mom or Dad cuddling. It’s sweet and my children all adore taking turns doing this one. During tree pose, you hold hands and “sway in the breeze” – things like that to create poses that require two instead of one.

Of course, my 4 year old saw the fun-fest we were having, and she joined in too and they took turns being my little yoga buddies. During pigeon pose, I had my eyes closed and was enjoying the stretch along the back of my legs and hips. My wide-eyed, blond baby girl, laid next to me on her tummy and whispered loudly, “Mom, why are you being QUIET?!” (I’m a bit animated normally.) I giggled and whispered back, “It’s yoga. We’re supposed to be quiet.” She decided to take that to a new level and started pretending to snore really loudly. It was definitely hard to keep my focus, but the smile on my face said having her and her silliness be part of my workout was just what my soul must have needed.

The final pose is Corpse, but thank heavens that Chaz renamed it Resting Pose. So much nicer sounding! He pulls out his guitar and sings this peaceful tune called “Sleepy Town” while the girls laid their little heads on my tummy and we rested together, me holding their hands and all of us enjoying the moment… Ahhh.. Namaste!

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